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00 Seeds Bank is a bank of cheap cannabis seeds created in Spain at the beginning of this decade that offers us feminised seed strains and autoflowering seed versions of some of the most renowned genetics in history. Classic flavours of the old school together with the freshness of new combinations are the result of the work and dedication of the people in charge of this company, always thinking of the total satisfaction of the grower.

00 Seeds

Indica or indica-dominant strains are generally easy to grow marijuana plants with a wide range of flavours, being the favourite of both beginners and advanced growers as they ensure excellent harvests in short flowering periods.

00 Seeds Bank was born with the purpose of offering the grower a wide range and selection from some of the most important and influential varieties ever created, great genetics developed in Holland, United Kingdom or the Californian coasts of the United States are the basis of the extraordinary work that we offer in the online shop of Oaseeds.

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, at 00 Seeds Bank you will always find cheap marijuana seeds with which you will be 100% satisfied. Because of its behaviour during cultivation, spectacular blooms with buds soaked in resin and its incredible flavours, it is impossible for any grower to remain indifferent.

00 Seeds Bank Feminized Seeds

Feminized plants are in great demand among growers who want to ensure a crop consisting entirely of females. This is very interesting because we will not have to eliminate the possible males that we can get with regular seeds. When you have to take a risk with one or two plants due to lack of space and our entire crop depends on them to be self-sufficient throughout the year, finding one or two male plants can be a big problem, especially when we no longer have the option of germinating the plantation again.

00 Seeds Bank offer us high quality feminized cannabis seeds. With selections of great strains such as Bubblegum, OG Kush, Skunk, UK Cheese, Blueberry or Critical Mass, they have managed to develop a complete catalogue of cheap cannabis seeds with incredible powerful flavours and relaxing effects, always opting for indica strains that are the ones that provide the best flavour and the most variety. Many of them, such as California Kush or Sweet Critical, are also very suitable for use as medicinal or therapeutic marijuana due to their organoleptic qualities. All of them are resistant strains, with a great growth both indoors and outdoors. Some feminised seeds such as 00 Cheese can reach up to three metres in height and produce enough marijuana for the whole year.

Moreover, as they are generally indica or indica-dominant crosses, you can harvest them from mid-September to mid-October at the latest, before the first rains appear, which can spoil our harvest or a good part of it.

00 Seeds Bank Autoflowering Seeds

The autoflowering varieties of marijuana seeds open the doors to many growers who can not have a large growing space outdoors or afford an indoor cultivation. As long as you have a minimum number of hours of sunshine, on any terrace or balcony you can grow one or more small plants, which will go unnoticed and in little more than two months will give you an excellent harvest for self-consumption. There is also the possibility of growing them in spring with our normal varieties, harvesting in early summer or late in the season, ideal for smoking while waiting patiently for the rest of the crop to finish, towards the end of summer or autumn.

00 Seeds Bank has also thought about this type of growers and has developed some high quality autoflowering marijuana seeds, some versions of feminised strains and others of great legends. One example is Auto Northern Lights, a small automatic seed strain descended from one of the best, tastiest and most potent indica strains any grower has ever tasted. These autoflowering genetics are also ideal for indoor growing, to fill a gap in the grow tent where she will flower to perfection with an 18 hour photoperiod. Starting from marijuana seeds with a high photoperiod, filling the cupboard with 5 or 7 litre pots, we will get exceptional harvests that will easily match any other photodependent variety.

00 Seeds Bank is in a constant development of varieties, so it is possible that from time to time they will surprise us with some new incorporation as great as all those that have been presented to us until today and that in Oaseeds we will have the pleasure to offer you.

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