Grounded Genetics

A beacon in the realm of cannabis breeding, Grounded Genetics has been a quiet force, perfecting their craft from the shadows. With decades of commitment, they've claimed top honors at global events like Legends of Hashish. They're not just a new name on the market; they're a legacy of passion, cultivating award-winning strains and collaborating with industry giants like DNA Genetics and Marimberos. Now, they bring forth a myriad of elite strains, a testament to their dedication and expertise.

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A Legacy From Behind the Scenes

Grounded Genetics might be emerging as a fresh name to some, but their journey spans decades. Focussed on cultivation and hash making in the legacy market, their silent efforts saw them deeply embedded within the international cannabis community. Their excellence wasn't just limited to producing top-tier cannabis, but they also made significant strides in the hash-making domain, achieving renown in hubs like Spanish Cannabis Social Clubs and the iconic Amsterdam coffeeshops.

Their commitment is not mere words but is evident in their accolades. Triumphing at events like Legends of Hashish in Amsterdam, Grounded Genetics has also celebrated collaborative victories with celebrated names like DNA Genetics and Marimberos. It's a testament to their relentless pursuit of perfection and dedication to the craft.

Embarking on a Seed Journey

From their days of operating in the background, Grounded Genetics is now set to enchant the world with their best work, presented in the form of seeds. Their underlying motivation has always been a fervent passion for genetics, an unquenchable thirst for innovating new terpene profiles, and a commitment to staying ahead of the game.

Ensuring each strain stands out, Grounded Genetics engages in rigorous self-testing and validation by a close-knit circle of trusted aficionados. This meticulous approach ensures the end product is nothing short of spectacular. In their roster, names like Piñata, Apple Fudge, and Frootz stand out as shining examples of their expertise, each boasting unique and outstanding flavor profiles.

Grounded Genetics: A Synonym for Excellence

Theirs is a story of unwavering commitment. Originally hailing from England, with stints in Amsterdam, and now based in Spain since 2014, Grounded Genetics' journey is dotted with experiences that have honed their skills to perfection. Today, they are recognized for their top-shelf strains, ensuring the very best in THC levels, taste, and overall cannabis experience.

Only the genuine, verified top-shelf cuts find their way into Grounded Genetics' breeding process, primarily from California and the USA. In doing so, they not only guarantee a sublime cannabis experience but also bring forth flavors and aromas that are unparalleled in the current market. For those on a quest for the finest genetics and groundbreaking strains, Grounded Genetics stands as a hallmark of quality and innovation.

As their partnership with Seed City unfolds, enthusiasts can now access the complete range of Grounded Genetics Seeds, available in single seeds or full packs, promising unparalleled value.

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