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Bulk cannabis seeds are an ideal option if you are looking for cheap and quality marijuana seeds. At Oaseeds we are always working to offer you the latest bulk seeds at the best price on the web!

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Bulk Cannabis Seeds are an ideal option for growers who need many plants in their crop and cannot afford to buy them from original cannabis seed banks. Due to their cheap price, they can considerably lower the initial budget of any grow. Although, they are not only ideal for commercial growers. Thanks to their cheap price and quality, they are a great option for any kind of grower.

Years ago, getting marijuana seeds was complicated. Especially if you had no contacts in this world. Little by little, cannabis seeds were commercialized, but the main problem was the high price at which they could be bought.

Fortunately, today this has changed, with the rise of the cannabis sector, it is much easier to buy cannabis seeds, and also at really cheap prices. This is the case of bulk marijuana seeds.

What are cannabis bulk seeds?

The main difference compared to feminized marijuana seeds from original banks is that bulk seeds have been bred by crossing elite clones of original genetics.

Obviously, the selection processes are not as rigorous as the genetics of the best and most prestigious banks in the world. Even so, the germination rate of bulk seeds is higher than 99% and their genetic stability has nothing to envy to the original varieties.

Another difference is that bulk marijuana seeds do not usually offer anything new, as they are clones of original genetics. On the other hand, the original seed banks are constantly innovating and producing new genetics with new flavors and effects. Although it is true, it is not often too long before they produce the first strain.

At Oaseeds we offer you a wide range of bulk seed options, choosing from feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, CBD-rich seeds, regular seeds and even fast version. And at the best prices on the web!

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