CBD-rich Cannabis Seeds

Growing seeds rich in CBD or CBD Rich we will obtain marijuana plants rich in cannabidiol. This cannabinoid, better known as CBD is famous for its medicinal and relaxing properties.

But CBD is not only used for its medicinal properties. It is becoming more and more common for smokers to consume it for its taste, thus avoiding the psychoactive effect of THC. And let's be honest, most cannabis users consume it for pleasure, like a good wine or an aromatic coffee.

Contrary to what many people believe, CBD-rich seeds do not come from hemp. They are seeds that have been selected for their high cannabidiol (CBD) content.

They also tend to contain lower proportions of THC. So they are much less psychoactive and tend to work better for people with less marijuana experience. CBD seeds can also be feminized, regular and autoflowering... whichever you prefer.

The genetics that offer high levels of THC and CBD are booming. More and more scientific studies are showing the benefits of CBD and its combination with THC for treatments related to well-being.

This is positive news for our favorite plant, which can influir in generating a more benevolent opinion by society and avoid the stigma it has had for years.

Approximately 90% of consumers are recreational users, and it is in this majority group where the 1:1 CBD:THC ratio varieties are going to be a revolution and an evolution in the perfil of the grower/consumer.

We can say that CBD acts as an attenuator of the psychoactive effects of THC. This fact opens a range of possibilities, both for new users and regular consumers, to whom we give the possibility to choose HOW MUCH they want to get high.

But, do CBD Rich strains get high?

Yes, they do get high, but very slightly. The sativas with CBD and THC have a much cleaner and clearer effect than the sativas with only THC. On the other hand the indica with CBD and THC offer us a more relaxing and sedative effect, but without being crushing as the THC.

In both cases the consumer accustomed to THC will feel satisfied when consuming them, because he will obtain his desired THC but reduced in psychoactivity thanks to the CBD.

Are CBD-rich plants just as beautiful and resinous?

Yes, thanks to the selection processes and selective breeding, breeders have achieved plants as good, productive, resistant and resinous as the classic ones that only contain THC.

In addition, we have a wide range of options of CBD seeds such as the classic cannabis feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, or ultra-fast flowering seeds, known as fast version.

Which consumers can benefit from CBD?

People with hypersensitivity to THC, which makes them a lot of effect and when consuming it they get an introspective, overwhelming, unpleasant effect and even get to suffer paranoia or obsessive and repetitive thoughts. The 1/1 varieties are much better tolerated by this type of consumer, which can, at last, enjoy a joint with friends without suffering a bad trip.

Consumers who value aroma and flavor more than psychoactive potency. Like the classic customer who 15 years ago asked you for the most potent variety on the market. This classic customer, with the passing of the years, obligations and responsibilities, seeks to have his moment of pleasure, but without being "out of the game" every time he smokes.

Students who like to smoke during the study days, but can not lose an iota of concentration and attention to the task. In this case, we recommend CBD Rich sativas, as they are euphoric and active without being tachycardic.

Workers who enjoy smoking between hours but must return to their activity without the most obvious symptoms of having smoked. The CBD Rich will not give them those tell-tale "red eyes", nor will it dry out their mouth, nor will they be trapped in an overly potent effect.

Physical activity enthusiasts. More and more consumers practice some kind of sport on a regular basis. They will be able to consume it before the activity without fear of being "stuck on the couch" after the second puff, as sometimes happens with the THC Rich (especially with the indicas). They can also use CBD Rich indicas for post-exercise recovery.

People looking to relax but without a physical effect too overwhelming. The CBD Rich indicas will allow them to spend a quiet and relaxing time with a body effect that is not too heavy.

Anyone who starts a crop, even the consumer looking for the most psychoactive potency, will be grateful to season it at some point with CBD RICH varieties. This way you can modulate its potency to, for example, enjoy your joint from start to finish, without having to leave it in the ashtray halfway through with the consequent burnt taste afterwards, because it is already too stoned.

All people who wish to use these varieties for medicinal purposes related to their wellbeing. As we said before, there are many studies that show the benefits of cannabinoids, in their different combinations, for certain treatments.

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