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Skyscraper CBD
Skyscraper CBD
Skyscraper CBD
Skyscraper CBD

Skyscraper CBD by Taima Seeds

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A colossal plant, undoubtedly a prodigy of genetic research with high levels of CBD.

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Characteristics of Skyscraper CBD
Skyscraper CBD is born from the pioneer Cannatonic but with tremendous improvements both in production and in taste and therapeutic properties. With this we have obtained a hybrid of unbeatable characteristics that contains 20'54% of CBD.

It is clear that if this variety stands out from the rest of the CBD line of Taima Seeds is in its arboreal bearing that provides large productions and also does so with very simple care.

Our beloved Skyscraper CBD does not stop there, in addition to the tremendous yields we must emphasize that it is a real beast in the production of trichomes well loaded with terpenes and medicinal cannabinoids such as CBD or CBN.

Cultivation and yield
The Skyscraper CBD is a variety of medical cannabis that shows very few difficulties in its cultivation so it is suitable for all profiles of grower. From the most pro who will know how to do wonders with this ''small'' to the one who plants for the first time that from his lack of experience will be able to harvest large quantities of very good quality.

In indoor cultivation we recommend to germinate it directly with a photoperiod of 12/12 or otherwise give it only one week of vegetative period. Otherwise we will not control the height of the bushes and we will have problems of space.

Its flowering period stretches up to 70 days. From that time you can harvest about 600 grams of dry bud per square meter with a quality and quantity of resin that will leave you amazed. We recommend that you work with gloves for cutting and manicuring, otherwise it will take days to get rid of it.

In outdoor crops is where this beast feels more comfortable and shows all its splendor. It can reach 3 to 3.5 meters in height with a stem of 15 cm in diameter that gives it an absolutely arboreal appearance.

So that it does not become a tree as we were saying, we recommend that instead of germinating in the month of March you do it at the end of April or first of May.

Its harvest will be ready by the end of October, you will see a huge plant full of buds to the top, which translates into yields that easily exceed 1000 grams and can reach a maximum of 1500.

Aroma and taste
The aroma of this plant brings back a clear memory of the best Moroccan hash, a real delight that will make you enjoy every time you approach the nose to the buds.

When we smoke it we feel at first that hit of quality hash that quickly accompanied by citrus nuances with very earthy background, a soft and pleasant flavor that you will not get tired of.

Effect and power
In this section we can appreciate the enormous medicinal properties of the Skyscraper CBD, positioning itself as one of the best varieties achieved with a 0.46% of THC which together with a 20.54% of CBD does not produce any psychoactive effect.

A strain designed for those seeking the beneficial effect of certain cannabinoids without having to experience the trip that THC produces, for some people something heavy and even unpleasant.

When you smoke it or consume it in any other way you will be able to feel how little by little your mind as well as your muscles will find a more pleasant and deep relaxation, achieving a state of peace of mind that makes this variety a very precious treat.

The Skyscraper CBD could be perfectly considered as a natural medicine. A perfect remedy for people with chronic ailments who wish to replace the indiscriminate use of drugs (with all its adverse health effects) by a natural substance that can alleviate their problems.

As you may have noticed this plant contains a CBD level of 20'54%. This implies that it contains a multitude of properties associated with this cannabinoid as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective, anticonvulsant or antiemetic among others.

If we stick to the therapeutic applications of Skyscraper, given the experiences we have had with it; we recommend it to treat diseases such as epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, chemical dependencies or anxiety situations.

We not only keep the fascinating properties provided by the CBD but also the wonderful terpenes that this variety contains. In this case Isopulegol, Alpha-terpinene and Beta-pinene stand out.

How to grow Skyscraper CBD?
Skyscraper CBD is a plant that requires some basic care with which you can achieve top quality results.

The only thing you should take into account is the period of growth that you give it so that its height does not get out of control either indoors or outdoors.

Indoors you should have it in photoperiod one week and outdoors you can germinate in March if you want a real tree or in late April early May if you are looking for a more discreet height bush.

What terpenes dominate in the Skyscraper CBD and what are their properties?
Among the large number of terpenes that can be found in the composition of the trichomes of the Skyscraper CBD, we highlight the three most present and give you an idea of their characteristics:

Isopulegol: a terpene that has been shown to systematically reduce inflammations. It also prevents viral infections and acts as a gastric protector.
Alpha - terpinene: a very aromatic terpene that is used in many fragrances and also offers great antioxidant qualities.
Beta - pinene: one of the terpenes with major medicinal properties among which are its anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and antioxidant potential.


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