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Sativation CBD
Sativation CBD
Sativation CBD
Sativation CBD

Sativation CBD by Taima Seeds

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Majestic productive sativa of earthy flavor, with CBD levels of 15% and 0,22% of THC.

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Characteristics of the Sativation CBD
Sativation CBD has been conceived with the idea of satisfying those who love Diesel flavors but are looking for a product with a reduced psychoactive potential, specifically with a CBD percentage of 15%.

This is undoubtedly the best option for consumers who love Sativas both for their cultivation and for their flavors and effects. In this case we have reduced the THC values to the minimum expression but keeping all the character of the Sour.

Sativation CBD is a plant that stands out for its enormous production of buds of high medicinal value, with a 15% of CBD in its composition will be of great help to treat different ailments.

Another remarkable feature of this genetics is that we have managed to keep that Diesel essence so valued among the vast majority of the cannabis public.

Cultivation and yield
The Sativation CBD of Taima Seeds is a plant that grows with extraordinary vigor. Its genes are well defined forming large bushes that can reach 4 meters in height if grown in the field.

It is a variety that develops with a lot of strength and resistance to different stress situations. Growers will find in it a genetics easy to work with and extremely grateful because the more exhaustive one is in the care, the more and more quality it will give us.

In indoor cultivation it is necessary to keep in mind the enormous size that it can reach and therefore we recommend to germinate directly with a photoperiod of 12/12 or alternatively give it 4 or 5 days of vegetative growth.

The Sativation honors its name with a flowering period that extends up to 90 days. After which you will be ready to harvest up to 600 grams per square meter (dry) of spectacular buds of medicinal Sour.

Outdoors, the beloved Sativation becomes a tree that can perfectly reach 4 meters in height and a stem of 14 or 15 centimeters in diameter. For this reason you must take into account the size of the container you use as well as the date of germination because by controlling these parameters you will also be able to control its height.

The harvest of pure Sativa character will arrive at the beginning of November with a weight that can reach 1500 grams if you have taken all its potential. It is a genetics that resists quite well the rains thanks to its open structure and its elongated buds but even so, if you grow in an area where rainfall abounds we recommend that you protect it from moisture.

Aroma and taste
The Sativation CBD descends directly from the Diesel family and can be appreciated perfectly with the first puff you try. The nuances are very clear with a different touch of damp earth, provided by the ACDC.

The smoke also lets you feel flavors of pine and different floral notes, in short, a pleasant, light flavor with a clear Diesel dominance.

Effect and power
The effect of this variety is one of the best you've tried in the field of CBD. When you consume it you will feel a smile on your face and a slightly energetic effect without feeling at any time the psychoactive effects of THC.

In its composition we find a 15% of CBD against a 0.22% of THC, so we are talking about a legal variety considered as industrial hemp in most of the countries of the European Union.

Sativation CBD is a variety that offers a wide range of possibilities in the field of medicine, thanks to its high load of terpenes and that ratio with a clear dominance of CBD has the ability to treat various health problems.

If we look at its composition and the characteristics of the terpenes that form it, accompanied by cannabidiol make this variety the ideal choice to treat epilepsy, chronic pain, stress or anxiety situations and also chemical dependencies to drugs or narcotics.

Sativation CBD is dominated by terpenes such as Terpinolene, Camphene or Beta Pinene, which bring different therapeutic properties to this very special variety.

How to grow Sativation CBD?
The most important thing when growing this magnificent plant is to take into account the size it is able to reach, so indoors we recommend that you save the vegetative growth period and germinate directly in 12/12.

If you grow outdoors and want medium sized plants, you should germinate at the beginning of May and do not exceed 25 L of capacity in the pot you use. If you work the plant in the field you should know that it will become a tree, so just choose the right time to germinate.

Its harvest is late as a good Sativa but its resistance to fungi is quite good, despite this we always recommend that if in your area there is a lot of rainfall it will be better to protect the plants from moisture.

What terpenes dominate in the Sativation CBD and what are their properties?
When it comes to providing medicinal properties to cannabis is not only Cannabidiol (CBD), but terpenes are also there and play a very important role. In the analytical composition of our Sour Sativa we find a large number of them, among which the following stand out for their greater presence:

Terpinolene: it is a terpene present in more than 250 plants and has been traditionally used as a natural remedy to treat flu and colds. It also has a high aromatic charge and is widely used in cosmetics.
Camphene: a terpene that has demonstrated in studies by different universities its antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral efficacy.
Beta - pinene: one of the most valued terpenes for its proven antibiotic, antiemetic and anticonvulsant efficacy. In addition to being a great aromatic contribution with notes of pine resin.


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