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Purple Therapy CBD Auto
Purple Therapy CBD Auto
Purple Therapy CBD Auto
Purple Therapy CBD Auto

Purple Therapy CBD Auto by Taima Seeds

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A unique autoflowering with beautiful purple flowers and levels reaching 14% CBD.

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Characteristics of Purple Therapy CBD Auto

Our Purple Therapy CBD Auto is a medical autoflowering cannabis strain that stands out from the rest for its speed and high resistance to stress and pests.

It is a very easy to grow genetics in which predominate floral, earthy and spicy fragrances that will delight the most demanding palates.

Cultivation and yield
In this case we are dealing with a 70% Indica dominant strain that completes its life cycle in about 65 days from germination.

Purple Therapy CBD Auto is a plant that can reach over 1.5 meters in height if it is given a good space to develop its roots without limits.

Outdoors and specifically in mother earth, the best yields will be obtained, which can reach a maximum of 180 grams per plant.

If we talk about indoor gardens the yield can range between 250 and 350 grams per square meter of highly resinous fruits.

Aroma and taste
This autoflowering strain is dominated by terpenes with floral, earthy and spicy aromas, undoubtedly a perfect combination.

On the palate, earthy nuances predominate with an exquisite touch of wood and coniferous resins that will not leave you indifferent.

Effect and power
We are talking about a medicinal variety that does not produce any psychoactive effect due to its cannabinoid content, specifically 14% of CBD and 0.2% of THC.

Ideal to enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol very sought after by medical users and also for cannabis lovers with low tolerance to THC.

As we said, it does not produce any mental effect, it only induces a physical and muscular relaxation perfect for rest and disconnection from daily stress.

How to grow Purple Therapy CBD Auto?
It is an extremely resistant genetics to the attack of pests and pathogens as well as to different stress situations, so its cultivation is very easy.

Perfect for inexperienced gardeners because with minimal care they can get great results.

The recommendation is to work it in mother soil outdoors and in 11 L pots indoors to obtain maximum yields.


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