Regular Cannabis Seeds

The main difference between regular seeds and feminized marijuana seeds is that regular seeds have not been genetically modified and, therefore, can produce both male and female plants.

As they have not been genetically modified, plants born from regular seeds are much more resistant than those from feminized seeds. This makes them more resistant to extreme temperatures, pests, and any kind of stress.

Regular genetics can be grown both outdoors and indoors, giving good results in both types of cultivation. But we must be aware that if one of our plants comes out male, it will be able to pollinate all the female plants within a kilometer around, sometimes even much more.

This type of seeds are mainly used by experienced growers who are looking for new genetics by crossing different varieties. This is because they retain a higher quantity and quality of aromatic terpenes.

Although it is not necessary to be a great grower to experiment in the crossing of new genetics. You only need a few regular seeds, let them grow to adulthood and allow the male plants to pollinate the female plants. This way we will get regular seeds that will inherit the characteristics of their parents.

There are not only regular photodependent genetics, in recent years breeders have also managed to stabilize many regular autoflowering seeds. So you can also experiment and make crosses with your automatic plants.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the best regular marijuana seeds on the cannabis scene. Varieties such as Jack Herer Regular from Sensi Seeds, AK-47 Regular from Serious Seeds or G13 Haze Regular from Barney's Farm cannot be missing in the crops of the lovers of this type of genetics.

Other banks that deserve a special mention for the great quality of their genetics are Oni Seed Co, Canarado Genetics, or Rare Dankness Seeds. We are sure you will love any of their strains!

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