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CBDV Auto by Kannabia Seeds

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This marijuana seed is prepared to produce a fruit with rates of Cannabidivarina really beneficial for many ailments. Its development is measured to the millimeter and its psychoactive effect is fully tamed.

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The detox seed

In the marijuana seed bank of Kannabia Seed Company there is a strain so virtuous and so beneficial to humanity that we know that we have earned a few more tickets to go to heaven when all this is over. CBDV Auto, in addition to being stable and productive, is an autoflowering marijuana seed that has the highest cannabidiol and cannabidivarin indicators on the market with the lowest THC index possible (less than 0.2%).

It is, therefore, a therapeutic marijuana plant, perhaps the most therapeutic you can find. There are many ailments for which the CBDV Auto seems indicated. Beyond the individual experiences of many users, it is scientifically proven to alleviate convulsive symptoms such as those of epilepsy.

Its composition and nature makes that even in certain countries its cultivation is legal. The psychoactive effect is non-existent and it is also recommended for those users who wish to recover some tolerance as a "detox plant" with which to reset their nervous system. The CBDV Auto is the non-alcoholic beer of beers, the decaffeinated coffee, the best ice cream without sugar ... but also with beneficial properties.

In its genetics we find a combination of varieties that give it sativa predominance although the effect is domesticated, combined with our best ruderalis so that its automatic condition is perfect.

Cultivation of CBDV Auto

It is a very powerful autoflowering marijuana seed, with a thick structure and a light green color, really resistant to pests and uncomfortable weather conditions. It will grow with security and size, leaving in a calculated time very resinous and shiny buds. Its image is not that of a plant low in THC, but it is.

Indoors you must be careful with the height at which you place the lighting, because the CBDV Auto can easily reach one meter in height. It completes its full cycle in a total period of between 63 and 70 days. It is recommended that it grows in its final pot after transplantation after germination, without further movement, and with photoperiods of 18 or 20 hours of light per day and some fertilizer you will easily have 400 grams of harvest per square meter.

Outdoors it can be even bigger, almost a meter and a half tall, a not very usual measure in autoflowering marijuana plants (we already warned you that it was not a usual seed). Plant it between March and October and trust in its ability to resist the enemies and inclemencies and if it gets a good dose of sun you will have by then 400 grams per plant. It is perfect if you have a good terrace or sunny patio.

Taste and effect of CBDV Auto

You don't need a therapeutic consumption of marijuana to enjoy CBDV Auto, it is really appetizing! Its aroma is not its main virtue, but it still retains the earthy and spicy aroma, with hints of pepper, to give a good welcome.

Its properties are the really important ones. We have said that its influence has been shown to be better for alleviating symptoms of seizures caused by different types of diseases, but it is also giving good results with very specific cases of autism spectrum syndrome and Rett syndrome.

We insist that the ratio of CBDV and THC is 25:1, so the psychoactive effect is imperceptible.


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