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CBD Cheese
CBD Cheese
CBD Cheese
CBD Cheese

CBD Cheese by The Original Big Buddha Family Farms

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CBD Cheese feminised cannabis seeds by Original Big Buddha Family Farms is the ultimate CBD twist on the original cheese genetics from Big Buddha.

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The CBD Cheese female weed seeds strain is a cross of the Original Exodus Cheese clone crossed with the Juanita Lagrimosa (feminised). After a long while of hunting through various CBD strains obtainable, Big Buddha came across the Juanita Lagrimosa via some of his brothers based out in Spain. It instantly became clear that Juanita Lagrimosa was the CBD strain of choice for the team to breed with as it has been recognised for its incredible therapeutic properties and is considered one of the most medical CBD strains as it can aid in supporting a healthy lifestyle for those suffering from various ailments. Original Big Buddha Family Farms took the Juanita Lagrimosa and feminised it to cross her back with the Original Exodus cut resulting in the incredible CBD Cheese.

The resulting progeny of the CBD Cheese varies in terms of the results: some of the phenotypes lean heavily toward the Cheese side, producing a high THC percentage, whereas other phenotypes will express more of the Juanita Lagrimosa side of the genetics. The gardener will, of course, decide which selections work best for them; however, no matter which phenotype you pick, you should have a winner as the terpene, THC/CBD levels are always incredible, ensuring quality results. Big Buddha has tagged this strain ' say Cheese with ease'.

The CBD Cheese makes for a unique & distinctive Cheese terp profile that is balcned with notes of wood and pine trees. The High often can be more therapeutic thanks to the to the CBD content, but the THC dominant phenos are going to be far more satisfying.


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