Dawg Star Seeds

Emerging from the heart of Seattle, Dawg Star Seeds stands as not just a pioneer in the cannabis industry but as a beacon of excellence in seedbank standards. Recognized for their unyielding commitment and contributions to cannabis legalization in Washington State, Dawg Star Seeds has etched its name as one of the world's premier cannabis seed banks. Discover the innovation and passion behind their globally acclaimed strains.

The Dawg Star Seeds Legacy

Dawg Star Cannabis, beyond being Seattle's very first permitted and licensed grow facility, signifies the culmination of relentless efforts and a series of pivotal events in the path towards cannabis legalization in Washington State. Their journey and their role in shaping the cannabis landscape cannot be understated.

Many were the voices and hands that pushed forward the cannabis cause, yet the team at Dawg Star is undeniably at the zenith of this list. Their expertise, commitment, and vision have rendered Dawg Star Seeds an authority in the world of cannabis.

The relentless dedication of Dawg Star Seeds in the cannabis realm ensures trustworthiness in every seed. Dawg Star is not just a name; it's a testament to first-hand expertise, unmatched experience, and unwavering dedication to providing the best in the cannabis world.

World-Class Cannabis Genetics

With a reputation that echoes across international borders, Dawg Star is revered for its groundbreaking work in creating world-class cannabis genetics. Their offerings, much more than just seeds, represent a symphony of flavors, effects, and cultivation experiences for enthusiasts.

Blueberry Cheesecake: A strain meticulously developed for those chasing unparalleled flavor. It boasts the delightful aroma of Blueberry Cheesecake, creating a sensory experience that's near-magical. Despite its enchanting taste profile, cultivators need to be cautious of its potent scent to ensure harmony with their surrounding environment.

Ewok: An exquisite strain known for its therapeutic properties, Ewok offers a unique blend of a high THC content and relaxing effects, predominantly from its indica lineage. Born from a fusion of Super Silver Haze and blueberries, its aroma is both robust and refreshing, making it a favorite for many.

GG #4: Dawg Star's rendition of GG #4 is distinguished by its buds glistening with resin. Selected for its higher sativa content, this strain offers enhanced neural activity, ensuring an experience different from other GG #4 variants. Cultivating this plant might require some expertise given its larger stature, but the results are truly rewarding.

Critical Purple Kush: Tailored for European cultivators who value speed, yield, and aroma, this strain is a masterpiece. A fusion of the original Mr. Nice Bank and the compact Resin Purple Kush, the resultant strain is not only easy to grow and aromatic but also boasts of a cerebral effect, making it a standout in the cannabis world.

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