Afghan Selection

Discover the rich world of Afghan Selection Seeds, a brand steeped in history and expertise. With over 50 years of combined experience, Afghan Selection brings to you an exquisite collection of Afghan landraces, known for their unique and well-defined aromas ranging from citrus and grapefruit to diesel, earth, pistachios, skunk, and mango. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, clean and strong effects, and the unparalleled terpene profiles of these strains. Choose Afghan Selection Seeds for a journey into the heart of Afghanistan's legendary cannabis heritage.

About Afghan Selection

The Afghan Selection Seeds is a collaboration of two hashish-in and local aficionados with over 50 years of combined experience. This partnership has culminated in the assembly of an extraordinary collection of Afghan landraces. These strains showcase the diverse and rich cannabis heritage that Afghanistan has to offer, bringing forth strains with a spectrum of aromas including citrus, grapefruit, diesel, earthy, pistachios, skunk, and mango.

The Afghan genepool stands out globally, renowned for its distinctive and well-defined smells. The vibrant colors of the Afghan Selection landraces are a visual feast, with a wide range of tones and huge sunleafs stacking the colas. Despite the need for some maintenance, the growing and consuming experience of these medical cultivars is unmatched, offering clean, strong, and long-lasting effects compared to many new strains.

The Afghan Selection Seeds

Afghan Selection Seeds is committed to utilizing their extensive experience to provide a range of regular seeds that embody the exceptional traits Afghan genetics are celebrated for. Known for their distinctive smell, flavor, and quality, these strains promise a clean, strong, and enduring effect. The brand was initiated by a UK grower who, after a decade of growing UK Cheese strains, embarked on a global journey collecting seeds from Thailand to the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Nepal, and beyond.

This extensive exploration has made the Afghan Selection available directly to you, offering six different choices from four different provinces in Afghanistan. The brand firmly believes in the superior medical benefits of strains close to "landraces," as opposed to the modern hybrids that predominantly focus on high THC content. All seeds from Afghan Selection are handpicked from the farmer's fields in Afghanistan, ensuring authenticity and quality.

Unique Collection and Authentic Strains

Afghan Selection Seeds has sourced the finest of the region’s landraces, renowned for their strength and distinctive terpene profiles. This unique collection is as primitive as it is refreshing and exotic, offering strains from regions known for their chillum pipes and aromatic hash. The brand is dedicated to bringing the most authentic Afghan strains to the world, ensuring each strain remains true to its roots, offering an incredible and unparalleled cannabis experience.

Each strain from Afghan Selection Seeds comes from a region steeped in history, promising not just a product, but a journey into the rich cannabis history of Afghanistan. The Afghan range is a little piece of cannabis history, with each strain still able to hold its own against the best of the modern strains, ensuring you a remarkable and timeless cannabis experience.

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