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Introducing Bulk Seed Bank, a trusted source of reliable, potent cannabis strains. Pioneering in breeding the globe's most iconic strains, Bulk Seed Bank prioritizes quality and medicinal values, ensuring every seed meets the pinnacle of potency and aroma. With a range spanning from Sativa, Indica to Autoflowering seeds, their dedication shines through their commitment to using only natural organic nutrients. Dive in and experience the magic of seeds crafted with passion and precision.

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About Bulk Seed Bank

The Bulk Seed Bank boasts an impressive lineage of cannabis strains that are not only potent but also carry significant medicinal value. By ensuring that every product is bred from the highest-quality plants, the emphasis is placed on achieving optimum potency and aroma. With expertise that is unparalleled, they select plants tailored for medicinal use, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Specialising in the breeding of the world's most renowned strains, their ambition is to elevate already award-winning genetics. By enhancing both THC and CBD levels, Bulk Seed Bank aims to improve medicinal values, taste, visual appeal, aroma, and overall potency. Committed to an organic ethos, every seed is cultivated using purely natural nutrients.

The Mission Behind the Brand

The underpinning mission of Bulk Seed Bank is to deliver superior quality cannabis genetics at prices that resonate with value. With an objective to preserve cannabis genetics for generations to come, they champion the sale of souvenir cannabis seeds. Recognising the potential loss of invaluable resources due to the prohibition of cannabis in certain regions, the preservation of diverse strains becomes imperative. By expanding the genetic base, the future of cannabis cultivation shines brighter, safeguarding against pests and disease.

Original Genetics: The Signature of Bulk Seed Bank

Bulk Seed Bank's seeds represent a harmonious blend of Strength, Power, Quality, and Yield. Upholding the pedigree of original genetics, each seed is a testament to stability, vigour, and quality. Meticulously hand-selected, every seed ensures maturity and viability, having been grown organically under controlled environments. Their extensive range encompasses 57 Feminised, 41 Autoflowering, and 3 CBD cannabis seeds, amounting to a grand total of 101 original strains.

Reflecting the commitment to quality, the Bulk Seed Bank's strains have had to undergo name changes to meet legal stipulations. However, every product detail faithfully records the original strain name and its genetics.

Discover the Bulk Seeds Bank Legacy

Offered on Oaseeds, Bulk Seeds Bank is a nascent marijuana seed bank that promises to captivate cannabis aficionados - from the seasoned veteran to the first-time grower. With strains designed for effortless cultivation and bountiful yields, they cater to both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts.

A conglomerate of skilled breeders from diverse corners of the globe, Bulk Seeds Bank has been dedicated for years to providing growers with remarkably stable varieties. Some of these are ideally suited for medicinal marijuana use. Building upon legendary genetics like White Widow, Ak47, Lavander, and Jack Herer, their catalogue boasts a broad spectrum of feminized and autoflowering seeds. This allows every grower, irrespective of their expertise, to find the perfect match.

Embodying affordability without compromising quality, Bulk Seeds Bank offers a plethora of top-tier seeds at incredibly competitive prices.

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