Established in the heart of Barcelona in 1998, R-Kiem Seeds stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the world of cannabis breeding. With a rich history spanning over two decades, this Spanish seedbank boasts a vast collection of genetics, from cherished Canadian Kush lines to elite clones like Ice Cream. Their unwavering commitment to organic cultivation and preserving the essence of original strains has earned them accolades and a loyal following. Dive in to discover the passion and expertise that makes R-Kiem Seeds a true gem in the cannabis community.

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A Legacy Rooted in Barcelona

Founded in 1998, R-Kiem Seeds emerged from the vibrant streets of Barcelona, representing a collective effort of dedicated breeders with both local and international acclaim. Their mission was clear: to collect, preserve, and innovate, creating new strains that would captivate the cannabis community.

Driven by years of hands-on experience and a deep-seated passion for cannabis, R-Kiem Seeds has consistently showcased their expertise in selecting and breeding original genetics. Their dedication to the plant, both ancient and modern, is evident in every seed they produce.

Preserving the Essence of Cannabis

At the heart of R-Kiem Seeds lies an exceptional and diverse genetic library. From the cherished Canadian Kush lines to elite clones like Ice Cream and M8 Blue, their collection is a testament to the world of cannabis. Add to that the revered genetics of strains like Jamaican Lambsbread and San Fernando Valley OG Kush, and it's clear that R-Kiem Seeds is in a league of its own.

With a mission to "preserve the essence of our original strains," R-Kiem Seeds goes above and beyond in their breeding projects. Their meticulous approach ensures that the phenomenal phenotypes they work with are not only preserved but also celebrated.

Organic Cultivation: Nature's Way

For R-Kiem Seeds, cannabis cultivation is an art that should be in harmony with nature. Their unwavering belief in an organic approach ensures that every plant is treated as nature intended. This means no artificial fertilizers or chemicals, just pure, unadulterated love for the plant.

Every seed from R-Kiem Seeds is a product of this philosophy. Hand-collected and developed under stringent temperature and humidity controls, these seeds are a testament to the team's dedication and expertise. The result? Premium cannabis seeds that promise unparalleled quality and potency.

More than Just a Seedbank

R-Kiem Seeds is not just a seedbank; it's a movement. Born from the collaboration of growers and breeders from around the globe, their primary goal has always been the preservation of genetics. By breeding and developing new hybrids and polihybrids, they've ensured that the original essence of their strains remains intact for generations to come.

With a commitment to 100% organic cultivation, R-Kiem Seeds guarantees that every seed is a product of nature's best. From their inception in 1998 to their current status as leaders in the cannabis industry, R-Kiem Seeds continues to inspire and innovate, setting the gold standard for cannabis breeding.

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