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Perfect Tree Seeds is a Barcelona-based handcrafted cannabis seed company, has emerged as an epitome of passion and expertise in the cannabis world. With a history spanning over 20 years, they are renowned for their meticulous selection of global strains, primarily aiming for unmatched terpene profiles and resin production. Engaging in both feminized and regular seed varieties, they guarantee quality by rigorously testing 100% of their seeds, ensuring growers experience the authentic, rich aromas and splendid beauty of the plants.

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A Chronicle of Passion and Mastery

Perfect Tree Seeds is not just another name in the cannabis industry; it signifies two decades of dedicated work, experimentation, and a relentless quest for perfection. Based in Barcelona, this handcrafted seed company embodies the spirit of passionate growers, extractors, and collectors. Their unyielding curiosity drives them to constantly tinker with the cannabis plant, in a bid to unearth its most superior genes.

Throughout their journey, they've explored and handpicked strains from global seed banks and elite breeders. However, not every strain makes the cut. Only those that truly stand out in terms of terpene profile, resin production, and the sheer emotions they invoke are retained.

This meticulous selection process is what sets Perfect Tree Seeds apart, ensuring that what they offer is truly the crème de la crème of the cannabis world.

Unveiling The Craft Behind Perfect Tree Seeds Bank

While their origins may date back two decades, Perfect Tree's recent endeavors have been nothing short of groundbreaking. The team took the cannabis community by storm in early 2021 with their inaugural line of feminised seeds.

Despite being relatively new in terms of seed production, their reputation in Spain, especially for their quality selection, is unparalleled. Their accolades include multiple awards at revered platforms like Spannabis.

Before they ventured into creating their proprietary seed line, Perfect Tree Seeds had already earned renown for their distinct selections and noteworthy collaborations. One such collaboration that stands out is with The Backyard Barcelona Cannabis Social Club, where strains like Peach Ozz, Banana Split, and Z Cube became sensations overnight.

A Quality Obsession

For Perfect Tree Seeds, quality isn’t just a benchmark; it's an obsession. Their feminized seeds are a testament to this, allowing growers to relish the authentic flavors of the originally selected clones. Furthermore, they're gearing up to introduce regular seeds, enabling enthusiasts to continue their search for the quintessential breed.

Their commitment to excellence doesn't end with selection. Each seed undergoes stringent testing to vouch for its quality and stability. With a network of growers spread across the globe, Perfect Tree Seeds ensures that their offerings are trialed in diverse environments, maximizing the chance that growers and collectors, like you, experience the unrivaled beauty and aroma of these plants.

Endorsements and Collaborations

Perfect Tree Seeds' alliance with seed vaults, breeders, and cannabis aficionados worldwide is a testament to their commitment and expertise. Their current mission revolves around producing strains that stand out in terpene profiles and resin production, derived from modern hybrid varieties.

This dedication is palpable in every seed, ensuring collectors and growers witness the dazzling beauty, profound flavors, and dense resin that each seed promises.

Their catalog, which features a myriad of choices, ranging from Peach Ozz clone crosses to the likes of Mimosa, Sunset Sherbert, 33 Splitter, Falcon 9, and Lime Pop Kush, is a testimony to their dedication and passion for the craft.

Perfect Tree Seeds review often echoes the sentiments of satisfaction, trust, and admiration, reinforcing their position as a leading Perfect Tree Seeds Bank.

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