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Cherrytini S1 Strain (Perfect Tree) 🍒 Sweet Cherry, 24% THC
Cherrytini S1 Strain (Perfect Tree) 🍒 Sweet Cherry, 24% THC

Cherrytini S1 by Perfect Tree

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Cherry Tini S1 by Perfect Tree delivers a potent 21% THC punch with a tantalizing blend of cherry sweetness and fuel. This Indica-dominant hybrid thrives in various climates, offering high yields and robust growth. Experience the perfect balance of flavor and relaxation with these premium cannabis seeds.

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Cherrytini S1 Strain Info

Cherrytini S1 by Perfect Tree is the crown jewel of Cherry Tini crosses, an exquisite blend that captures the essence of its lineage. This strain's journey begins with the renowned Cherry Noir mother, meticulously bred by Aficionado Mendocino, and the robust Jet A male. The result? A genetic masterpiece that will make any cannabis connoisseur’s heart race. Cherrytini S1 is an Indica-dominant hybrid, boasting a rich genetic heritage and an unforgettable terpene profile.

Cherrytini S1 stands out with its vibrant and vigorous growth. Expect a lush plant adorned with stunning hues and an intense aroma that hints at the delightful experience to come. The plant's structure is robust and resilient, making it a dream for both novice and seasoned growers. The foliage displays a captivating array of colors, adding a visual treat to its aromatic charm. This strain is designed to thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, showcasing remarkable adaptability.

Flowering Time & Yield

When it comes to flowering, Cherrytini S1 doesn't keep you waiting. With an indoor flowering period of just 8 to 9 weeks, it's perfect for those who crave quick and bountiful harvests. Outdoors, you can expect to harvest around October. This strain offers a high yield, with indoor production reaching up to 500 grams per square meter and outdoor yields soaring to 700 grams per plant. Cherrytini S1 promises a prolific and rewarding cultivation experience.

The effects of Cherrytini S1 are nothing short of spectacular. It delivers a balanced high that engages both mind and body, offering a powerful yet relaxing experience. The terpene profile is a standout feature, blending the luscious sweetness of cherries with the pungent kick of fuel. This combination creates a rich, layered aroma that tantalizes the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Beyond its recreational allure, Cherrytini S1 also provides medicinal benefits, catering to a range of conditions.

Effects and Aroma

The high from Cherrytini S1 is as delightful as its flavor profile. Users will enjoy a powerful, relaxing effect that soothes the body and calms the mind. The unique blend of terpenes creates an aroma that is both sweet and pungent, reminiscent of cherry candy dipped in a fine liquor. This rich scent carries over to the taste, offering a sweet and fruity flavor that is truly unforgettable.

Cherrytini S1 boasts a THC content of 21%, ensuring a potent experience for all who indulge. With 0% CBD, it focuses purely on delivering a strong psychoactive effect. The strain's resistance to pests and diseases further enhances its appeal, making it a reliable choice for cultivators. It thrives in a variety of climates, although it prefers warm, sunny conditions to truly flourish. The difficulty level is moderate, making it accessible to growers with some experience.

For those seeking top-quality cannabis seeds, Cherrytini S1 from Perfect Tree is a must-have. Whether you are a professional cultivator or an enthusiastic hobbyist, this strain promises an exceptional growing experience and an even more remarkable harvest. Dive into the world of Cherrytini S1 and discover the perfect blend of flavor, potency, and beauty.

Growing Tips & Our Take

One trick we've found particularly useful for growing Cherrytini S1 is to provide plenty of light. This strain loves the sun, and when grown indoors, ensuring ample light exposure will help maximize its yield and potency. Also, consider using training techniques like topping or LST (low-stress training) to encourage a bushier growth and better light penetration.

We are particularly impressed by Cherrytini S1’s resilience. It's a sturdy plant that handles pests and diseases quite well, which means less hassle and more focus on enjoying the growing process. The combination of its strong genetics and robust growth makes it a top choice for both new and experienced growers.

Cherrytini S1 Characteristics

  • Genetics: Cherry Noir x Jet A
  • Variety: 70% Indica
  • Seed Type: Feminized
  • THC Level: 21%
  • CBD Level: 0%
  • Indoor Performance: 500 gr/m²
  • Outdoor Performance: 700 gr/plant
  • Indoor Height: 100 cm
  • Outdoor Height: 200 cm
  • Indoor Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: October
  • Taste/Smell: Caramel, Cherry, Sweet, Fruits
  • Effect: Powerful, Relaxing
  • Resistance: High resistance to pests and diseases
  • Climate: Prefers warm, sunny conditions
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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