Introducing Delicatessen Seeds - Spain's premier seed bank that passionately preserves and revamps ancient landrace cannabis genetics from all corners of the globe. With over two decades of meticulous research and breeding, Delicatessen Seeds delivers a unique array of cannabis strains, bursting with unparalleled aromas, flavours, and potency. Dive into their world to discover strains that redefine the essence of exceptional cannabis.

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Original Delicatessen Seeds: A Legacy of Pioneering Breeding

Originating from Spain, Delicatessen Seeds prides itself on its unwavering commitment to preserving the original landrace genetics of cannabis strains. These strains, native to regions like Jamaica, Colombia, Thailand, the Netherlands, and India, lay the very foundation of modern-day cannabis. But Delicatessen Seeds isn't just about preservation; it's about innovation. They harness these ancient strains, blending them with a modern touch, to curate hybrids with unforgettable flavours, distinct aromas, and unmatched highs.

Delicatessen Seeds Bank brings more than just seeds to the table; they bring a legacy. With over two decades in the industry, their approach is rooted in precise selection, dedicated breeding, and relentless experimentation. Their ethos revolves around introducing fresh, high-calibre strains to cannabis aficionados, whether they're novices or seasoned connoisseurs. Renowned for skilfully crossing pristine landrace genetics with popular Dutch strains, Delicatessen Seeds is synonymous with stability, reliability, and sheer quality.

Their expansive catalogue boasts strains such as Alice, a swift-flowering Sativa, and First Lady, a pure Sativa gem. Not to mention strains like Her Majesty, with its robust aromatic profile, and Edy, an Indica hybrid renowned for its resin production. Their hybrids, such as the iconic Queen Mother, meld genetics from exotic regions like La Reunion with the rugged Congo. Lilly, also known as Pina Colada, tantalises the senses with a tropical aroma, reminiscent of its namesake. Every strain curated by Original Delicatessen Seeds is designed to thrive, whether cultivated indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses.

Setting the Standard for Future Cannabis Cultivation

What truly sets Original Delicatessen Seeds apart is their avant-garde approach to cannabis breeding. This seed bank firmly believes in the power of progression and continual learning to ensure the evolution of the cannabis industry. Whether it's embracing cutting-edge technologies, pioneering cultivation methods, or innovative utilisation of landrace genetics in hybrids, Delicatessen Seeds remains at the forefront of change. They not only set the standard for others but encourage every member of the canna-community to think outside the box and bring their unique contributions to the table.

Though the inner workings and team dynamics of Delicatessen Seeds remain somewhat enigmatic, one thing is indisputable: their impact on the Spanish cannabis scene is profound. Rumours suggest that behind this brand might be a singular, introverted genius, but their collaborations with industry leaders like ACE and Cannabiogen hint at broader connections. Regardless of who or how many helm this ship, the outcomes are consistently stellar, with each strain testifying to Delicatessen Seeds' prowess and commitment.

With a genetic library housing gems from around the world, both ancient and contemporary, Delicatessen Seeds ceaselessly raises the bar in cannabis cultivation. Their unwavering focus on research and development ensures they remain leaders, lighting the path for future innovations in the world of cannabis.

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