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Pyramid Seeds is a highly esteemed Spanish seed bank specializing in top-notch cannabis genetics. With over a decade of industry expertise, they have built a robust portfolio of unique and classic strains suitable for growers of all skill levels. Renowned for their hands-on quality control, and dedication to honest representation of their strains, Pyramid Seeds ensures each seed is mature, viable, and capable of exceeding growers' expectations. Their focus on both feminized and autoflowering seeds, coupled with unparalleled potency and exquisite fragrances, makes them a go-to choice for professional growers, enthusiasts, and distributors alike.

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About Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds is a marijuana seed bank with great international prestige due to its extensive presence and experience in the sector, dating back more than a decade. They are great professionals in the cannabis seed industry and offer high-quality genetics in their marijuana seeds with unique, distinctive, and outstanding varieties in the market. Their specialization lies in the commercialization of cannabis seeds.

This famous Spanish seed bank specializes in the breeding of legendary cannabis strains and creating new strains based on their own author genetics. The seed bank has a 13-year history, preceded by another 15 years of persistent cultivation experience. Initially, classic famous strains from other seed banks were taken as a base. After developing their own lineage, Pyramid Seeds' breeders began to expand and extend it.

The Mission of Pyramid Seed

At a marijuana seed bank like Pyramid Seeds, we constantly study and improve the genetics of the plants to produce stable varieties suitable for growers with and without experience. All our seeds are self-produced, our breeders strive to offer a wide range of varieties that cater to the needs of consumers, selecting the best genetics and creating new strains.

The goal of Pyramid Seeds is to distribute feminized cannabis seeds that are easy to grow and good in production at the best price to professional and enthusiastic growers, as well as distributors in this sector. We offer the opportunity to work with new exquisite fragrances and remarkable varieties selected for their flavor, production, and quality.

Pyramid Seeds: Popular in Spain and Rising in the World

Founded in Barcelona about a dozen years ago, Pyramid Seeds may be considered an emerging cannabis company, but its team of breeders was already busy growing weed for 15 years before that. By the time they started marketing their seeds, they had already gathered a stellar collection of mother plants that were the best specimens of White Widow, Northern Lights, AK, and all other well-known names of the European market. In addition, Pyramid Seeds offered some of their own creations with Egyptian names like Nefertiti and Tutankhamun. The latter, by the way, is one of the strongest 'classic' origin strains and continues to be the company's best-selling product.

Pyramid Seeds sold its genetics almost exclusively within Spain during the early years, maintaining close ties with customers, listening to their feedback, and constantly testing the seeds they offer for sale. This allowed them to refine their strains to perfection, and that's what they now present to international growers.

Quality without Compromises: Pyramid Seeds' Philosophy

The mission of Pyramid Seeds is to meet the needs of all types of growers, whether dedicated professionals or casual hobbyists. To qualify, the plants must be exceptionally vigorous and easy to grow, produce abundant harvests, and generate aromatic, tasty, and strong smoke. Typically, it takes two years of hard work to make and stabilize something so good. So busy with breeding, Pyramid Seeds rarely attended major cannabis festivals, so their trophy case is still half full. However, their stand is now a common sight at Spanish events and also appears at international venues.

Pyramid Seeds has been committed to the business of high-quality, award-winning marijuana seeds for more than a decade, and has achieved globally recognized status for its exceptional feminized and autoflowering strains.

From unique and deliciously tasty and potent hybrid strains to the cream of the crop of classics like Northern Lights, White Widow, and AK, few seed banks produce seeds as perfect for every skill level or budget as Pyramid Seeds does.

So if potent, exquisite, generous, and easy to grow sounds appealing, Pyramid Seeds' marijuana seeds might be exactly what you need.

Pyramid Seeds: Quality Cannabis Seeds

Pyramid Seeds presents the full range of these award-winning feminized and autoflowering seeds, packed with exquisite flavors and maximum potency for growers, breeders, and collectors worldwide.

Pyramid Seeds is a highly regarded Spanish seed bank that offers a complete line of feminized and autoflowering seeds to both commercial and domestic growers. To ensure the highest level of quality, this team only uses the best stock in their breeding programs, including solid strains like White Widow, Tutankhamun, and Black Domina, as well as darker native varieties from nearby Granada. Armed with proven genetics, Pyramid Seeds spares no effort in creating their new hybrids, and only those that pass the test are selected for public sale.

Pyramid Seeds is one of the most reliable brands in the business. If they say their latest creation is 17% THC, 1.2% CBD, and can reach heights of 120 cm, you can trust that those figures are accurate. Most other seed banks advertise the best possible results, even if they are rarely achieved. Pyramid Seeds gives you the most realistic data. Plus, they make sure that all seeds are mature and viable before shipping. All seeds are manually inspected before being hand-packed in vacuum-sealed envelopes.

The Pillars of Pyramid Seeds

Quality, transparency, and loyalty are the pillars of Pyramid Seeds. Despite being a relative newcomer, Pyramid Seeds has gained great popularity in Spain and is gaining recognition internationally. Although their trophy case is not yet full due to their focus on breeding rather than competing, they continue to gain respect within the industry for their quality strains and strong customer focus.

For both experienced professionals and novice growers, Pyramid Seeds offers superior cannabis seeds that achieve a balance between ease of growth, exceptional yields, and outstanding potency. With Pyramid Seeds, growers are guaranteed to obtain genetics that are not only robust and high-yielding but also incredibly potent and full of flavor.

Why Choose Pyramid Seeds?

The mission of Pyramid Seeds is to offer quality cannabis varieties with improved genetics through innovation, providing an easy and convenient growing experience, high production, and exquisite fragrances. Excellence in cannabis genetics, yield, quality, and efficiency in delivery, along with constant dedication to our customers, makes Pyramid Seeds the ideal choice for professional and enthusiast growers alike.

Pyramid Seeds has a wide variety of feminized marijuana seeds, including both photoperiodic and autoflowering varieties. These strains have been created by a team of cannabis cultivation experts, using quality genetics to ensure exceptional yield and potency. From classics like White Widow and AK to innovative creations with Egypt-inspired names like Nefertiti and Tutankhamun, Pyramid Seeds has an option for every type of grower.

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