Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada Seeds is a prestigious sub-division of DNA Genetics, renowned for its exclusive and rare cannabis genetics. Originating from the West Coast of America, this seed bank is the epitome of quality, with each strain boasting at least one cannabis cup award. Their commitment to excellence and exclusivity has made them a top choice for cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.

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A Glimpse into Reserva Privada's Origins

Reserva Privada Seeds is not just any seed bank; it's a specialized division of the globally recognized DNA Genetics. Established in 2004, DNA Genetics has always been at the forefront of cannabis innovation. Their journey began with a passion for the plant and a vision to create exceptional hybrid strains. As they made waves in the Californian cannabis scene, they attracted a plethora of talented West Coast breeders. This collaboration led to the birth of Reserva Privada, a platform dedicated to showcasing rare and heirloom strains to the global marijuana community.

What sets Reserva Privada apart is their unwavering commitment to privacy. Based in sunny California, where their craft is permitted, the breeders behind this brand choose to remain anonymous. This choice is not just a whim; it's a belief that privacy is integral to their ability to produce exceptional cannabis strains. Their collection is a closely guarded secret, filled with elite super strains that have become synonymous with tantalizing exclusivity. This sense of exclusivity is further amplified by the limited runs of their strains, making each seed a rare gem in the cannabis world.

For the Discerning Cannabis Connoisseur

Reserva Privada has always had a clear vision of their target audience: the discerning cannabis connoisseur. Their breeders unite with a singular goal - to offer the finest American genetics, from iconic strains like OG Kush to the pungent Sour Diesel. The rarity of their genetic pool is evident in the pristine quality of their products.

While many would wish for these strains to be available on a mass-market basis, the nature of their work makes this a challenge. As a result, when new seeds are released, it's often the connoisseurs, always on the hunt for the rarest of cannabis treasures, who are the first to claim them.

Reserva Privada's Stellar Reputation

While many claim to have an impeccable reputation, Reserva Privada truly stands out. Their cannabis seeds consistently meet high-quality standards, producing bountiful yields of dank nugs. Their commitment to excellence is so profound that most strains in their lineup have been recognized as award-winning by various cannabis competitions worldwide. This dedication to quality, combined with their unique American cannabis genetics, makes Reserva Privada Seeds a beacon of excellence in the cannabis industry.

Loosely translated, 'Reserva Privada' means 'private reserve'. This name, while intriguing, is a testament to their expertise and desire for anonymity. Whether you interpret it as just a name or a reflection of their ethos, one thing is clear: Reserva Privada means business, and they are here to offer the world a genuine slice of the American cannabis dream.

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