Compound Genetics

Compound Genetics is a world-renowned seed bank offering the finest cannabis genetics to breeders across the globe. Founded by two industry veterans in 2017, it has grown into a leader in the space, gaining recognition for its quality genetics, educational content, and customer service. With a diverse selection of rare, top-shelf genetics, including their famous strains Jet Fuel Gelato, The Menthol, and White Runtz, Compound Genetics showcases a deep dedication to cannabis breeding and genetic preservation. Their exciting collaborations and exclusive partnerships make them an irresistible choice for every cannabis enthusiast.

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Compound Genetics is a premier seed bank known for providing the highest quality cannabis genetics to breeders and growers worldwide. Established in 2017 by two industry veterans with a shared passion for cannabis breeding, genetics, and cultivation, the company has successfully grown to become a leading force in the cannabis seed industry. Their wide selection of top-tier cannabis genetics, unparalleled customer service, and informative resources have made them a go-to source for breeders.

The Art of Breeding with Compound Genetics

From hybrids to landraces and exotics, Compound Genetics seeds open up a world of possibilities for breeders. Beyond supplying seeds, the company offers a suite of services, including cloning, genetic preservation, and consultations. Their seeds are perfect for adding unique, California-inspired strains to any cannabis collection. The team at Compound Genetics meticulously designs their genetics to create bold flavors, innovative ideas, and new cannabis breeds.

With both regular and feminized seeds on offer, breeders can choose according to their needs. Regular seeds maintain their natural state with no modifications, while feminized seeds are genetically modified to be female, ensuring that every plant will flower.

Award-Winning Strains from Compound Genetics

Since its inception, Compound Genetics has developed a strong reputation for crafting high-quality, exclusive cannabis collections. Their library of cannabis genetics has led to the creation of award-winning strains like Jet Fuel Gelato, The Menthol, Apples & Bananas, and White Runtz. These strains bear testament to their dedication to the craft and passion for creating extraordinary cannabis expressions.

Successful collaborations with renowned brands like Runtz and Cookies in the U.S., and more recently Paradise Seeds in Europe, have allowed Compound Genetics to expand its operations and reach. Strains such as High Society, Marshmallow OG, La Bomba, Double Stack, Luxar-Dos, and Slipstream showcase the enduring legacy of their parent strain, Jet Fuel Gelato.

Compound Genetics: Innovating the Cannabis Industry

Compound Genetics is an industry leader known for its innovative breeding techniques and top-shelf level of cannabis genetics. The recent exclusive partnership with Kiva Sales and Service (KSS) marks a significant milestone, launching Compound Flower into the California market. With the release of five signature strains - Jokerz31, Mellowz 8, Grapple Pie, Rainbow Cheddar, and Red Bullz, Compound Genetics continues to lead in breeder-to-cultivator collaborations.

Through rigorous phenohunting, collecting, and collaboration, Compound Genetics combines rare and sought-after flavors to create today's best cannabis. Their passion for the plant and an exclusive library of genetics enable the brand to develop unique expressions that exemplify smell, taste, and experience.

Commitment to Quality: Compound Genetics Strain List

All genetics from the Compound Genetics strain list are subject to rigid selection and rigorous testing during breeding, ensuring high-quality seeds. Their daily evolution with an uninterrupted process of marijuana seeds creation exhibits their dedication to the craft.

With several exclusive partnerships with leading companies in the marijuana market, such as Cookies Farm, and a wide variety of high-quality hybrids, Compound Genetics guarantees a satisfying and exciting journey for all breeders and growers. Known strains like Jet Gelato, White Runtz, The Menthol, Apples and Banana or Legend Orange Apricot, are proof of their relentless pursuit for perfection.

Compound Genetics embodies a passion for strains and an exclusive library of genetics. Their meticulous research, collaboration, and collection lead to the creation of unique strains that offer an elite representation of smell, experience, and taste, fulfilling their motto - "We serve the plant".

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