Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds, originating from sunny Spain, encapsulates the essence of unparalleled flavors and powerful effects in the cannabis realm. With its genesis rooted in a fervent passion for cannabis breeding, they have etched their name in the annals of the industry, offering strains that provide not only captivating tastes but also therapeutic benefits. Whether you seek strains with a symphony of flavors or therapeutic wonders, Delicious Seeds is your ticket to an extraordinary cannabis experience.

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Delicious Seeds, a revered Spanish seedbank, stands out as an epitome of dedication and expertise. A collective of talented geneticists, breeders, and cannabis aficionados, they embarked on a mission to create cannabis seeds that redefine flavors while delivering potent effects. Their commitment to quality and innovation has not only led to the development of strains with therapeutic potential but also cemented their position as leaders in the cannabis industry.

A Legacy Rooted in Passion

Founded with an insatiable love for cannabis breeding, Delicious Seeds’ name itself is a testament to their focus on creating strains bursting with flavors. Their collection of feminized seeds is a result of meticulous selection and breeding processes. The brand prides itself on producing strains where flavor takes center stage, without compromising on essential characteristics such as stability, reliability, quality, yield, and effect.

More than Just Flavors - A Commitment to Quality

Delicious Seeds Bank offers a unique perspective on the ancient cannabis plant. They aim to transform gardens into lush havens filled with divine plants. Exclusive genetics, innovative flavors, and promising yields are the hallmarks of their seeds, ensuring that Mary Jane enthusiasts globally get a taste of perfection.

Romantic strain names like La Bella Afrodita and La Musa mirror their deep appreciation for nature’s bounty. Catering to diverse preferences, whether one seeks exhilarating cerebral highs, profound body relaxation, or a harmonious blend of both, Delicious Seeds never fails to deliver.

Championing Therapeutic Strains

One of Delicious Seed Company's pivotal motivations is to cater to medical marijuana patients by providing strains with high therapeutic values. Their offerings encompass a myriad of aromas, tastes, and effects, each crafted from unique gene pools. Their passion for cannabis transcends commercial interests, aiming to spread the beauty and therapeutic potential of this plant far and wide.

Accolades and Recognitions

Making a grand entrance in 2010, Delicious Seeds made waves with multiple Cannabis Cup wins. Their award-winning strains, including the beloved Sugar Black Rose, vouch for their excellence. Their extensive range, including feminized marijuana seeds and high-yielding autoflowering cannabis varieties, caters to diverse growers and enthusiasts.

Best Delicious Seeds Strains

Delicious Seeds boasts a portfolio rich in standout strains, with several Cannabis Cup accolades to their credit. A few notables include:


A compelling blend of Critical Mass and Lavender genetics, Marmalate tantalizes with its sweet and fruity aromas. Boasting a THC content of 21%, it offers an uplifting and positive vibe to its consumers. Its resilience against pests and strong odor makes it a favored choice among growers.

Eleven Roses

A magnificent fusion of Sugar Black Rose and Appalachian Kush, Eleven Roses enchants with its vibrant hues and fruity flavors. This pure indica strain, laden with a staggering 24% THC, promises an intense and delightful high.


True to its name, Golosa, translating to sweet-toothed, is an indica-dominant hybrid that teases with a plethora of flavors – grapefruit, green mango, peppermint, coffee, and licorice. Its remarkable THC content of 26% and robust nature makes it a prime choice for both recreational and therapeutic use.

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