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Kalashnikov Seeds, a passionate team of Soviet army veterans, have been making waves in the cannabis industry since 2002. With their roots based near the Black Sea in Russia, they've fused AK-47 genetics with unique landrace strains, bringing forth an unmatched quality in the cannabis market. Their remarkable 'Express Line' stands out, showcasing a revolutionary development in the world of feminized cannabis strains. Dive deeper and discover the excellence of Kalashnikov Seeds.

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A Legacy Rooted in Passion and Expertise

Established by a dedicated group of old-school growers and Soviet army veterans, Kalashnikov Seeds have been champions in breeding cannabis seeds in Russia since 2002. Strategically headquartered in the Kuban region, close to the Black Sea, they also maintain a synergistic collaboration with partners in Saint-Petersburg and the Far East region, touching the boundaries of China.

Their strains are meticulously crafted, blending the renowned AK-47 clones with a medley of Russian, Eastern European, and Afghani landrace strains. This blend ensures unique genetics that have garnered attention on a global scale.

Express Line: A Pinnacle of Innovation

Kalashnikov Seeds have pioneered a unique line known as the "Express" strains. Distinct from the regular autoflowering and feminized seeds, these strains boast a shorter flowering period, setting them apart in the cannabis market. It's essential to note, however, that while they might seem akin to autoflowering strains, Express strains are not. Their true magic lies in requiring less daylight to kick-start their flowering stage, resulting in earlier harvest times, especially outdoors.

The spotlight on the European cannabis stage is often dominated by Dutch and Spanish breeders. Yet, the ambition of Kalashnikov Seeds has always been to accentuate that Russian-grown seeds are in no way inferior. In many instances, their seeds surpass the offerings of many top-tier producers globally. Their regular presence at international cannabis expositions stands as a testament to their commitment and quality.

Origins and Evolution of Kalashnikov Seeds

Although they made a splash in the Russian marijuana market only in 2013, the breeders at Kalashnikov Seeds had immersed themselves in the world of cannabis for well over a decade prior. Rooted in the Kuban region near Sochi, their passion for cannabis runs deep. Collaborating with breeders from Saint Petersburg to the Far East regions bordering China since 2002, they have curated premium genetics and pure landrace strains.

With a robust fighting spirit, Kalashnikov Seeds aim to elevate Russian-bred cannabis seeds on the global platform, showcasing their capability to rival even the most revered industry leaders.

Brand Recognition and Achievements

Kalashnikov Seeds rapidly gained recognition as Russia's top choice for quality cannabis. Their foray into the European market in 2014 saw them challenging western seed banks, underscoring their prominence. Their intention is clear – to share with the world that Russia has much more to offer than just the famed Ruderalis genes. Through their regular participation in European events, they've effectively engaged with fans and spread awareness about their commendable feats in cannabis breeding.

Their renowned 'Express Line' truly sets them apart. While these strains mirror the behavior of autoflowering plants, they retain a distinct identity. These are feminized strains that flower at a remarkable pace, outpacing even some of the fastest strains in the industry. Their method of breeding such revolutionary strains remains a well-guarded secret, but there's no denying the impact they've made in the realm of feminized cannabis seeds.

Some of their popular strains include Kalashnikov Express, Baikal Express, AK Kush Express, Kabul Express, and White Critical Express.

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