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Grateful Seeds, a Barcelona-based seed bank, has made an indelible mark on the global cannabis scene since 2015. With an undying love for cannabis culture and numerous accolades under its belt, Grateful Seeds boasts a distinctive blend of resin quality and exclusive cannabinoid profiles. Having clinched multiple awards at esteemed events like the Cosecha Cup and Home Grow Cup Tillsburg Holland, they truly represent the zenith of cannabis breeding expertise.

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A Journey Steeped in Passion and Expertise

Founded in 2015, Grateful Seeds began its journey in the heart of Barcelona, a city renowned for its burgeoning cannabis scene. A small yet dedicated team, they've combined their extensive experiences from various corners of the world, including the US, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, and Morocco. This global perspective has allowed them to craft a unique expression of breeding, curating strains that resonate with both the connoisseur and the novice.

Passion drives every endeavor at Grateful Seeds. Their commitment to the cannabis culture is evident in the meticulous attention they pay to the quality of resin and the exclusivity of the terpenes. This dual focus has led to the creation of strains that are not just rich in flavor and aroma but also promise a unique experience.

Awards and Recognition: Testament to Excellence

The prowess of Grateful Seeds Company is not just confined to their products but is also reflected in the multitude of awards they've garnered over the years. Their genetics have been celebrated at various events, a testimony to their unparalleled quality and commitment:

  • Seven accolades at the Cosecha Cup 2018
  • Top spot at Icmag420
  • Runners-up at both Master Of Rosin 2019 and Ego Clash 2019
  • Champions at Expo Valencia 2019
  • Three recognitions at Cosecha Cup 2019
  • Four victories at Home Grow Cup Tillsburg Holland 2020

The Grateful Seed Bank: More Than Just a Brand

While their accolades speak volumes, it's their holistic approach to breeding that truly sets Grateful Seeds apart. They go beyond just selling seeds; they've established themselves as thought leaders in the realm of cannabis breeding. Their vocation lies in bridging the gap between exclusive terpene profiles and remarkable resin production, ensuring that each strain stands out and leaves an imprint.

Today, as the Grateful Seeds Company continues to grow and evolve, they remain rooted in their original ethos of love for cannabis and commitment to quality. And as they forge ahead, they promise to keep bringing to the table strains that challenge the status quo and delight the senses.

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