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Rooted in deep history and expertise, Serious Seeds stands as an emblem of dedication to both quality and authenticity. Founded by the visionary breeder Simon, this seed bank has evolved from a passion project to an internationally recognized brand. With over 90 awards in diverse cannabis competitions, and a catalogue boasting iconic strains like AK-47 and White Russian, Serious Seeds promises both novices and aficionados a journey of unparalleled cultivation and consumption. Their unwavering focus? To offer top-quality, stable cannabis strains that have shaped the heart and soul of Amsterdam's cannabis legacy.

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The Genesis of Serious Seeds

The story of Serious Seeds begins with a man named Simon. A biology scholar in Amsterdam, he initially refrained from smoking due to the local custom of blending cannabis with tobacco. However, a transformative trip to Africa in 1986 unveiled the unique pleasure of pure cannabis. This epiphany spurred him to amass a rich collection of seeds, later germinating them for personal use in Holland.

As he ventured into breeding, Simon's keen eye for quality set him apart. His knack for picking the best plants, even when their genetic backgrounds were shrouded in mystery, paved the way for the birth of legendary strains. Despite his academic background as a biology teacher, the allure of the cannabis world was too compelling to resist. His collaboration with Sensi Seeds, and subsequently with American breeders, set the stage for what would become the Serious Seeds legacy.

Triumphs & Milestones

The year 1994 marked a pivotal moment. Strains 'AK-47' and 'Chronic' not only garnered attention but clinched awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Spurred by this success, Simon established the Serious Seeds Company in 1995, dedicated to quality over quantity. Amsterdam's esteemed coffeeshops, such as 'Greenhouse' and 'De Dampkring', soon celebrated Serious Seeds strains, with varieties like Kali Mist and White Russian stealing the spotlight in cannabis cups.

Despite numerous accolades, the brand's ethos has remained grounded. Preferring to be a boutique seed bank rather than an expansive enterprise, their prime focus has always been on delivering unparalleled quality. Each strain is meticulously tested, and only when it meets their high standards does it earn a spot in the Serious Seeds collection.

Commitment to Quality

Serious Seeds Amsterdam has, since its inception, pledged to offer only the best. Their seeds undergo rigorous independent lab tests, consistently showcasing THC contents between 18-22%. This unwavering standard assures cultivators of excellent germination rates and homogeneous plants. Their commitment is further reflected in their unique practice of individually numbering each seed package, establishing unmatched traceability and accountability.

This dedication isn't just about producing top-tier cannabis. It's about medicinal value, recreational pleasure, and ensuring that every grower, from amateur to expert, has access to the world's best cannabis genetics. It's no surprise that their strains, from AK-47 to CBD-enriched Warlock, are celebrated worldwide, encapsulating the very essence of quality and authenticity.

Why Choose Serious Seeds?

Serious Seeds Bank offers more than just seeds; they offer a legacy. Every seed is a testament to decades of expertise, dedication, and passion. Their comprehensive selection caters to both medicinal and recreational users, ensuring that everyone finds a strain that resonates with their needs. Their insistence on producing seeds in small batches ensures freshness, while their hand-selection process guarantees quality. This meticulous approach has earned them global recognition, with a track record of over 90 awards by 2017.

In the world of cannabis cultivation, Serious Seeds represents reliability, history, and unparalleled quality. It is not just about growing a plant, but about nurturing a legacy. For those looking to embark on a cultivation journey that promises both reward and reverence, Serious Seeds remains the seed bank of choice.

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