Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds is a cannabis seed bank formed by a team of breeders from Spain and the United States. The diversity of the team has allowed them to take advantage of the best in the world of marijuana. They have been breeding genetics for more than 15 years and have accumulated the necessary experience to create exceptional genetics. Adding one of the strains in the catalogue to your garden will guarantee an unforgettable experience, you won’t be disappointed!

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The main objective of the team of breeders during the creation of the genetics that make up the Anesia Seeds catalogue is always to propose genetics that are pleasant to grow and that offer at the same time very important concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids.

This makes it possible to obtain top quality genetics for recreational users, but they are also very popular with many consumers who use cannabis for its therapeutic properties. All growers will be able to find a strain in the Anesia Seeds catalogue that suits their needs and their garden.

The opinions of growers are unanimously positive about the genetics available in the Anesia Seeds catalogue. There is something for all tastes and colours. Whether you like hybrid, indica or sativa genetics, native plants or autoflowering, there will always be a strain that meets your expectations and needs.

What can I find in the Anesia Seeds catalogue?

For growers who need abundant production, Anesia offers yield monsters like Yuhbary, Strawberry Tree or Captain Future for Sativa-dominant genetics. For growers looking for productive Indicas in the Anesia Seeds catalogue, they can turn to Amnesia Flash or Frozen Black Cherry, which manages to produce over 1 Kilo per plant outdoors.

If you prefer to go back to the roots of marijuana genetics, Anesia Seeds is here for you. In their catalogue you can find a 100% indica strain from Afghanistan, a 100% sativa from Congo or Copacabana, a strain from Latin America that adapts very well to indoor growing. These are strains with very particular characteristics, ideal for discovering what has allowed the creation of modern hybrids.

If you like resin extractions, you will be spoilt for choice. As already mentioned, resin production is a fundamental criterion in the creation of Anesia Seeds genetics. However, there are some exceptional strains in the Anesia Seeds catalogue that will guarantee abundant and intense terpene yields. Blackberry Moonrocks is perhaps the most generous yielding strain in any extraction method. Frozen Black Cherry and Vanilla Frosting also stand out, with high-level results.

Finally, growers with limited indoor space, or who wish to harvest multiple times outdoors while maintaining optimal discretion, can turn to Anesia Seeds’ autoflowering strains. Even growers accustomed to the best autoflowering strains may be surprised by the flavours produced by Banana Kush Auto, the yields of Rainbow Donut Auto or the cannabinoid concentrations of Auto Imperium X.

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