Positronics Seeds

Positronic Seeds, pioneering the cannabis industry since 1985, stands out for its unmatched dedication in crafting exclusive and top-quality marijuana strains. Founded by the visionary Wernard Bruining, the first to introduce Coffee Shops in Amsterdam and a trailblazer in seedless cultivation techniques, Positronic Seeds merges electric innovation with the positive therapeutic virtues of cannabis. Dive in to experience the history, innovation, and quality that define this legendary seed bank.

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The Legendary Origins of Positronic Seeds

Emerging in 1985, Positronic Seeds quickly became an emblem in the cannabis world, all thanks to its founder, Wernard Bruining. His fascinating journey began in the 60s when he settled in Amsterdam, establishing Mellow Yellow, the world's first Coffee Shop. This venture sparked an evolution, leading to the widespread popularity of such businesses across Holland. Bruining's passion for cannabis took him to the USA in the late 70s, where he collaborated with Ed Rosentahl. They delved deep into seedless cultivation techniques using mother plant cuttings, marking a revolution in the cannabis cultivation scene.

Returning to Holland, Bruining and his associates introduced this innovative cultivation method to Dutch cultivators, catering to the booming Coffee Shop demands. By 1985, Positronic Seeds was born - a perfect blend of electric innovation for cultivation and the positivity emanating from the therapeutic nature of marijuana.

With its base in Spain, Positronics Seeds has made a significant mark in the global cannabis industry. Their seed varieties are a culmination of years of meticulous research and expertise. Whether you're a novice grower or seeking something novel, Positronic Seeds ensures you get nothing but the best. Their distinctive seed catalog ranges from classic strains to new innovations, providing a broad spectrum of effects and flavors.

Positronics Seeds presents an unmatched legacy of cannabis cultivation, offering top-tier genetics for enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you choose their seeds for their flavor, effects, or historical significance, you're in for an exceptional cultivation journey.

Accolades and Cultural Influence

Throughout the years, Positronics Seeds has been synonymous with excellence, bagging numerous awards and accolades. The seed bank's influence extended even into the music scene, inspiring albums like Positronics Vibes and Positronics Viber Vol. 2, which feature renowned rappers such as Zatu and Gordo Master. And if you haven't heard these tracks yet, they're worth a listen!

Their dedication to cannabis research led to the creation of the unique concept of CANNABIS A LA CARTA, emphasizing the distinct aroma and flavor profiles of their strains. This enables cultivators to choose from an array of diverse tastes and effects, be it recreational, medicinal, or introspective.

What Sets Positronic Seeds Apart?

Positioning themselves as the leading choice for many, Positronics Seeds offers strains of unmatched quality and resilience, boasting unique flavors and competitive prices. A testament to their commitment to quality is the vast array of strains tailored to meet individual preferences in taste, aroma, effects, and yield.

Some of their acclaimed strains include Critical 47, known for its potent aroma, Blue Rhino offering sedative effects, and Purple Haze, a timeless classic for cannabis connoisseurs. Notably, they've also produced strains with high CBD content, addressing the growing demand for medicinal cannabis.

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