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Chizpa by Positronics Seeds

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This new sativa goes through you veins to the brain, natural adrenaline with the new continent flavors mixed with the best of old, which operates with the "Chizpa".

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Powerful heir of the chosen parental select, on the trail of new Californian strains, trip after trip, test after test, and a careful selection that includes Sour Diesel plus a Clone Elite California and our best Haze, besides the secret component that achieve taste and perfect effect to cause "chizpas" positronic.
With a good foundation and a clear objective, to where we wanted to go and what parameters we should follow, and only the sponsor was found that met certain requirements, especially plant lover and positronic. Zatu King was chosen, the master of ceremonies perfect variety to develop a powerful cultivate without fear of everything. We put at your disposal the work of months with our new strains, saw them grow, flower, tasting followed them to continue selecting, and returned again to the crop until fell in love with the best of the best. Inspired by the "chizpas" Zatu with Gordo Master, Little Pepe, and Niggaswing got into the studio again to create Positronics Vibes Vol. 2, a smoke-filled, cultivated letters, flowers rhythms, jumping disco with the mind of flights between clouds.
This sativa hybrid with vegetative tremendous power, surprise veterans growers sativa lovers exquisite bouquet of the finest flowers, and reward the neophytes in its infancy. Its growth is spruce or candelabra, with plenty of distance between nodes to achieve a distribution of its large leaves and branches, which benefits the plant respiration necessary for its many buds. It will not provide large number of sheets but be large. The central bud is powerful, with large and long hairs branched flowering and large resin.

AROMA: Small flashes of Sour Diesel, Sour fruity for its part, which is adding a spicy touch with the air of the California low breathing while going to finish sweet and Surf-between special notes.
TASTE: It is not incense, but it seems; Sour resembles Diesel, but neither. Bouquet of mixed forest with an intense fruity sweetness.
EFFECT: Almost immediately, activation of the iris and blood spurt is synonymous with powerful sativón. A "Chizpazo" that will travel through the veins to the brain, natural adrenaline, like a ray of powerful and lasting energy that will make you smile and enjoy your perfect getaway brain havens.

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