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Grapefruit by Positronics Seeds

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From the mountains of Canada, the intoxicating essence of the 80s.
Quite a choice when it comes to taste. Its legend differs according to the sources. Some say that it comes from backcrosses of Jack Herer.

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Others, that it is the result of the combination of NL x Skunk1 x Afghani. This makes the original clone even more special, peculiar and valuable, conserving and preserving its exclusive organoleptic characteristics. A genetics to reproduce for its smell, its taste and the quality of the final product.

Little branched, with a strong main stem that will not need reinforcements. Moderate quantity of medium sized leaves. The flowers, with a large number of orange pistils, develop a large central bud, as well as its peripheral branches. Easy to grow, fast harvesting and tasty reward. It will enhance all its nuances if we use organic cultivation techniques, better outdoors.

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