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CBD Seeds Bank, based in Barcelona, is a premier seed breeder with a vision to provide original classic cannabis varieties. With collaboration from globally-renowned cultivation experts, CBD Seeds Bank offers top-tier feminized seeds with unique blends. If you have a penchant for old-school flavors and aromas, this brand is your go-to destination for unmatched quality and authenticity.

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About CBD Seeds Bank

Emerging from the vibrant city of Barcelona, CBD Seeds Bank was founded with an ambitious mission to offer the world authentic versions of classic cannabis varieties. The journey began when the founders met reputable professionals with extensive experience in marijuana cultivation from all corners of the world. Their collaborative efforts resulted in acquiring top-notch feminized seeds, presenting a harmonious blend of quality and tradition.

With dedication and a commitment to excellence, CBD Seeds Bank has evolved, refining its operations and expertise. Their team now boasts a diverse range of talents, from technical experts to graphic designers and programmers, all dedicated to delivering a product that stands out in quality and design. Their post-sales service is commendable, ensuring customers get the best of what they invest in.

The Legacy Collection of CBD Seeds Bank

What sets CBD Seeds Bank apart is their dedication to preserving the legacy. They ventured into obtaining classic genetic lines, gaining access to the very first strains that were legends in their time. This endeavor enabled them to package phenotypes that undeniably express the characteristics of these legendary varieties. For aficionados of the old-school essence, it's an invitation to experience and indulge in these exceptional gems.

Post the success of their classic line, CBD Seeds Bank shifted focus to autoflowering varieties, catering to the soaring demand in the European market. Quality assurance is paramount to them. Every seed undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring they are stored in containers designed to protect against environmental moisture, guaranteeing optimal conditions for the end consumer.

Varieties That Define Excellence

CBD Seeds Bank is renowned for bringing a plethora of feminized strains to the table. Their classic line features famous names such as Amnesia 5, Lavender, Northern, and Widow. These strains promise not only an exhilarating experience in flavors and aromas but also impressive yields.

One notable strain from their collection is the Critical, a feminized variety known for its high yield, resinous buds, and a tantalizing flavor profile with hints of lemon and ripe orange. Another must-try is the Widow, offering a delicate wine flavor infused with sweet and floral undertones.

The Therapeutic Essence of CBD Seeds Bank

Recognizing the growing need for therapeutic cannabis, CBD Seeds Bank expanded its horizon to cater to consumers seeking therapeutic benefits. Their medical collection boasts strains with optimal CBD and THC ratios, addressing a myriad of ailments.

For instance, Vanilla Haze stimulates the mind, acting as an antidote to depression, rejuvenating one's spirit. On the other hand, Magma, rich in Indica properties, offers relief from chronic pain and insomnia. Another noteworthy strain is One To One, balancing THC and CBD, making it perfect for those seeking therapeutic benefits without the high.

In essence, CBD Seeds Bank provides a rich tapestry of strains, catering to both recreational enthusiasts and those seeking solace in the therapeutic wonders of cannabis.

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