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Embark on a journey with Tropical Seeds Company, a pioneer in preserving the rich diversity of Cannabis Sativa L. Specializing in organic, small-batch cannabis seeds, this company stands out for its dedication to quality and uniqueness. With a history rooted in pure, landrace genetics, Tropical Seeds offers an exotic array of aromas, flavors, and effects, distinct from mainstream selections. Celebrating over a decade of innovation and excellence, they continue to captivate connoisseurs worldwide with their commitment to natural biodiversity and artisanal excellence. Discover the difference with Tropical Seeds – where nature's finest meets masterful cultivation.

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Tropical Seeds Company embarked on its mission with a clear vision: to preserve and maintain the diversity of Cannabis Sativa L. In a world where local genetics are increasingly rare, this seed bank stands as a beacon of hope for cannabis connoisseurs and preservationists alike. Their approach is rooted in love and care, believing that these elements are key to achieving the best results. Each batch of cannabis seeds is produced organically and meticulously, ensuring a product that is not only high in quality but also rich in history and authenticity.

The Journey of Tropical Seeds Company

Founded in 2008, Tropical Seeds Company has a history steeped in passion and perseverance. The initial focus was on local, pure strains, particularly sativas, known for their significant psychoactive properties. The Canary Islands, with their subtropical climate, provided the perfect setting for this ambitious project. Here, a diverse array of genetics was carefully cultivated in expansive greenhouses, marking the beginning of a journey towards excellence in cannabis breeding.

Under the guidance of Maxi HdB and later joined by aeritos, the company flourished. Their dedication to removing undesirable traits led to the creation of a unique genetic reserve, offering exotic flavors and rare highs. This progress solidified Tropical Seeds Company as a major player in the cannabis industry, focusing on improving local, pure African strains.

Revolutionizing the Cannabis Scene

In 2013, a significant transformation occurred within Tropical Seeds Company. With the addition of Charles, the company gained a fresh perspective on design, arts, photography, and marketing. This shift led to the creation of a global platform, making their unique seeds accessible to collectors worldwide. Today, the company boasts an impressive international presence, with customers in over 30 countries and a strong online following.

At events like Spannabis Barcelona, the company's booth is a testament to their success, showcasing unique strains that stand apart from the mainstream market. Their commitment to creating new, refreshing varieties continues to invigorate the cannabis community.

Tropical Seeds Company is not just about selling seeds; it's about a philosophy. A philosophy that values the study, preservation, and sharing of the world's best landrace strains. This approach, combined with the creation of new hybrids, enriches a sector often saturated with fast-flowering varieties. Their commitment to natural biodiversity and artisanal methods ensures the authenticity and lineage of their strains, as well as the quality of their seeds, enhanced by a 100% natural and organic process.

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