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Karma Genetics, a pioneering seed bank, embarked on their breeding journey in 1999 to diversify the limited clones in Holland. With a deep-rooted presence in the Dutch cannabis industry since 1996 and a passion for impeccable quality, Karma Genetics came into the limelight after their triumphant win at the IC420 Cup in Amsterdam, 2008. Known for their world-class OG Kush line, their innovative strains such as Headbanger, Mango Lassi, and Skullcap have set them apart as connoisseurs in cannabis genetics. Dive in to discover more about this iconic brand.

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The Origins and Legacy of Karma Genetics

Tracing back to 1996, the vibrant canna-scene of Amsterdam witnessed the inception of Karma Genetics Seeds. Their journey, starting in a bustling coffeeshop and later transitioning to a grow-shop, signifies their deep connection and dedication to the cannabis community.

By 1999, with the aim to diversify the genetic pool, Karma began breeding, bringing in a fresh wave of innovation and quality. 2008 was a pivotal year for Karma Genetics. After clinching their first win at the prestigious IC420 Cup in Amsterdam, they officially cemented their reputation as top breeders in the cannabis domain.

Karma Genetics: Expertise and Quality Unmatched

With every strain, Karma Genetics Seeds reiterates their commitment to excellence. Their focus remains on catering to the discerning grower, someone who doesn’t settle for anything less than top-tier cannabis with stable genetics. In their relentless pursuit of perfection, many strains are rigorously tested and only the finest make the cut to reach the growers.

From their impeccable OG Kush lineage, which has garnered countless accolades, to collaborations with esteemed breeders like Hortilab, Karma's prowess shines through. Their strains, such as the award-winning Biker Kush and the renowned Headbanger, are not just names but a testament to their dedication.

Karma Genetics Best Strains

Among the jewels in Karma Genetics' crown, three strains deserve special mention:

Headbanger: An exquisite blend of Sour Diesel K.G. cut and Biker Kush V1, this strain offers an aromatic fusion of kush and diesel. Known for its dense bud structure and immense trichome production, Headbanger is the go-to choice for concentrate enthusiasts.

Mango Lassi: A crossbreed of KC36 and Di Frutti KC36, Mango Lassi is fast-growing and is characterized by its exotic aroma profile reminiscent of ripe mangos, papaya, and peach. A strain that not only delights the senses but also provides a pleasant, feel-good vibe.

Skullcap: A genetic masterpiece resulting from a cross between Sour Headstash and Biker Kush. Boasting caramel notes in its aroma and flavor, Skullcap is a balanced strain, flowering within 9-10 weeks, and is a treat for those with a penchant for sweet strains.

The Unwavering Reputation of Karma Genetics Seeds

Karma Genetics has consistently upheld its reputation as one of the premier marijuana seed breeders. Their contribution since their inception in 1996, from opening a Dutch coffeeshop to presenting the world with unmatched cannabis strains, is undeniable. Their vast range of seeds, from high-yielding varieties to super strength ones, encapsulates their dedication to quality.

With strains like White Og, Dominator, Biker Kush, Sour Jack, and Funky Dwarf under their banner, their commitment to providing only the best is evident. Over the years, the reviews for Karma Genetics have been overwhelmingly positive, a clear indication of the trust they’ve built within the global cannabis community.

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