Smoke Trails Regular by Karma Genetics Seeds
Smoke Trails Regular by Karma Genetics Seeds

Smoke Trails by Karma Genetics

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Smoke Trails Regular Cannabis Seeds by Karma Genetics is a standout hybrid strain, boasting a rich lineage from (Runtz x Blue Power) X Biker. With an 8-10 week flowering time, this strain is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, yielding high-quality buds. Smoke Trails offers a unique experience with its complex aroma profile, ranging from playful playdough to bright lime and Kush notes. Ideal for both novice and experienced growers, this strain is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts seeking distinctive flavours and reliable growth patterns.

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Karma Genetics presents Smoke Trails Regular Cannabis Seeds, a hybrid marvel in the cannabis world. Originating from a dynamic lineage of (Runtz x Blue Power) and Biker Kush, this strain stands out in the market for its unique genetic blend. Smoke Trails promises an exciting and rewarding cultivation journey, suited for both indoor and outdoor environments.

With a flowering period of 8-10 weeks, cultivators can anticipate a bountiful harvest, thanks to its high yield potential. This strain not only offers quantity but also quality, making it a favourite among growers of all levels of experience. The regular sex type of Smoke Trails ensures a natural growth pattern, providing an authentic cultivation experience and the opportunity for breeding projects.

Unique Flavour and Aroma Profile

Smoke Trails is renowned for its extraordinary sensory experience. The strain exhibits a complex bouquet of aromas and flavors, from the unique scent of playdough to the richness of Kush and the zesty hints of lime. This diverse palette of tastes and scents ensures a delightful consumption experience, making Smoke Trails a preferred choice for connoisseurs who appreciate variety and complexity in their cannabis strains.

Every bud from this strain is a tightly packed cluster of potential, revealing an array of tastes and aromas that cater to a wide range of preferences. The strain's versatility in flavor makes it a standout in any cannabis collection, whether for personal enjoyment or broader exploration.

The Genetic Mastery of Karma Genetics

The development of Smoke Trails is a testament to the expertise and meticulous care of Karma Genetics. The fusion of (Runtz x Blue Power) and Biker genetics results in a strain that excels in vigor, yield, and flavor. This genetic blend not only contributes to the robust and high-yielding nature of the strain but also enriches it with a rich and varied flavor profile.

Smoke Trails Regular is a strong hybrid, exhibiting a medium to high stretch at the start of flowering, resulting in tight, resinous flowers. The variation in smells and flavors, ranging from playdough to lime and Kush types, makes the selection process enjoyable and intriguing for cannabis enthusiasts. This strain stands as a proud addition to Karma Genetics' distinguished breeding program, offering a unique and satisfying experience for all who cultivate and consume it.

Smoke Trails by Karma Genetics is a versatile and robust hybrid strain, ideal for those seeking a high-yielding, flavorful, and enjoyable cannabis experience. Its unique genetic makeup and the expert breeding practices of Karma Genetics ensure that this strain will be a standout addition to any cannabis collection.

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