Banger Glue x Melon

Banger Glue x Melon (Karma Genetics)

85.00 €

Bange Glue x Melon is the latest collaboration of Karma Genetics x Little Chies Collabs.

It is a feminized strain that combines a selection of Banger Glue from Little Chief Collabs as a mother with Karma's Melon reversal as a pollinator. Banger Glue is a cross of Headbanger and GG4, with a fizzy terpene profile and notes of pine and fuel. Meanwhile, Melon is an older, OG-descended strain with kush characteristics that has remained stable in Karma's collection. Melon's indica-dominant structure and huge leaf fans combine with a sweet and gassy terpene profile.

Don't miss these limited edition genetics where these exceptional strains merge for this special collaboration between Karma Genetics x Little Chief Collabs!

  • 6 feminized

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