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ACE Seeds is a marijuana seed bank and one of the main referents worldwide for the high quality and refinement of its genetics. In a market where feminized and autoflowering varieties are imposed, few banks are those who have continued to offer and work with regular varieties that require a great task of selection, hybridization and improvement.

Ace Seeds

Nowadays there are more and more growers who opt for regular varieties and it is this type of banks that offer us seeds that are difficult to match nowadays.

Founded in Spain in 2005, ACE Seeds is characterized by its exceptional sativas increasingly coveted by more and more growers looking for plants with exotic flavors and very psychedelic effects and totally different from those we could all see in the sativa hybrids that came from Holland or we could grow from seeds brought from distant travels. They also do not forget the lovers of the indica genetics and in our catalog you can find great jewels like the spectacular Pakistan Chitral Kush.

ACE Seeds is a group of breeders and passionate marijuana growers, who have spent years with their minds set on the preservation of this plant that gives us so much satisfaction. Since its foundation in 2005, it has always been characterized by its commitment to quality.

Starting from pure varieties from almost all geographical areas of the world and great selections preserved for decades, they have developed a catalog that never ceases to evolve and surprise us with exotic plants with exclusive flavors, the result of an impressive and invaluable work of breeding and selection.

One of the characteristics of ACE Seeds, is that they do not usually have a very extensive catalog, but very varied and constantly evolving, it will always be preferable to work with less variety to offer and always ensure superior quality.


The regular seeds are undoubtedly one of the essences of marijuana and to which many growers will never give up. We come to value both a good mother that offers us quality crops for many years, as a sticky and stinky male with which to make our own seeds, a practice increasingly common among both professional growers and beginners.

ACE Seeds offers interesting pure strains, as well as potent F1 hybrids and stabilized hybrids from exclusive strains. The genetic collection of this prestigious marijuana seed bank is as wide as surprising, with varieties from practically all continents and from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Morocco, Mali, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Angola, Malawi, Senegal, Congo, Lesotho, Reunion Island, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Mongolia and China, which are the basis of much of the catalog.

We can highlight the Panama as one of the most powerful commercial varieties of today and not suitable for beginner smokers or the great Oldtimer's Haze, an old Haze from a British grower who has kept it almost intact since its origins, dating back to the late 60s and early 70s. In this spectacular sativa we have been able to find the mythical purple colors that made famous a phenotype of this genetics, the Purple Haze.

Taking advantage of this situation, ACE breeders have wanted to isolate this phenotype to combine with some plants to get hybrids as powerful and full of exoticism as Purple Haze x Meao Thai, currently out of stock but that we will surely soon be back. Also Pakistan Chitral Kush, a pure Pakistani indica with a deep purple color that gained enormous popularity in the late 2000s.


Due to the great demand for feminized strains and the great interest aroused by a large number of growers, ACE Seeds has also chosen to offer customers feminized versions of its original strains, as well as others exclusively in feminized version.

These genetics are a great option for growers looking for 100% female crops without giving up the charm of sativa genetics such as Haze, Congo, Malawi or Golden Tiger. For technical reasons, there are few marijuana seed banks that offer 100% sativa strains like the ones you will find in ACE because of the great work required to offer a quality product.

It is not surprising that more and more growers trust in ACE as well as in banks with the same philosophy as Cannabiogen (with which it keeps a close friendship and collaboration), Tropical Seeds or Original Delicatessen and which are the maximum Spanish referents and recognized all over the world.


In their characteristic development, in the year of their 10th anniversary they have made us enjoy with great novelties and other limited editions such as Nepal Jam x Kali China, Green Haze x Malawi or PCK x Kali China, as well as Panama Haze and Purple Haze Malawi which are now permanently in the catalog due to the great praise they have received, because at the end of the day, consumers are the last judges who value a plant and who will decide if it is worth it or not.

In the short term, the ACE Seeds team is working on the development of new varieties with genetics from Mexico, Ethiopia, New Caledonia and Japan, among others, such is the collection they have and that will guarantee us exclusive varieties for many years and will surely surprise us year after year.

Perhaps some of these novelties can be found in the ACE Mix or Tropical Mix, convenient packs of varied seeds in both feminized and regular version and may be the best option for growing different plants and always with the quality that characterizes ACE Seeds and ideal for outdoor or indoor where you have to be a little imaginative to take a crop of sativas 4 months of flowering in some cases, but with harvests that are not comparable to any other hybrid indica / sativa.

In Oaseeds we want to acquire a commitment with our customers and always offer them the best marijuana strains on the market and from the best seed banks.

ACE Seeds is considered both by us and by the best growers in the world as possibly the best seed bank in working with breeding sativas, without forgetting the lovers of indica varieties that are also included in its catalog. Ask our professionals for advice if you find it difficult to decide on one, but whatever your choice, we warn you that you will want to repeat.

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