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China Yunnan
China Yunnan
China Yunnan
China Yunnan
China Yunnan
China Yunnan

China Yunnan by Ace Seeds

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This exotic pure variety, probable 'connection' between the indicas and the traditional sativas of South Asia, shows characteristics of both spectrums of cannabis.

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On the one hand it grows robust and compact, with beautiful broad leaves and the appearance of an indica hash plant. Its flowers mature quickly, with abundant production of resins and penetrating aromas.

On the other hand it has a touch of Asian sativa, which can be appreciated in the beginning of the effect, in certain woody aromas, and in the morphology of some plants taller, branched and with thinner leaves.

This line maintains good vigor at the population level and produces well productive specimens, preferring stable temperatures, a dry environment and a large amount of nutrients to achieve their best yields. And although the production suffers with colder final temperatures, the quality of its resins improves a lot with low temperatures.

Most of the plants produce chemotypes rich in THC and low in CBD, with warm, pleasant and relaxing effects of good potency. Occasionally you can also find plants rich in both THC and CBD, not so psychoactive, but with excellent properties against depression and mental and emotional stress.

With all our love, we offer to the cannabis community this rarity barely introduced in modern breeding.
We hope you will preserve it and use it in your breeding projects.


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