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Thai (Ace Seeds)

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If we had to choose only one sativa among the genetic jewels that Southeast Asia offers us, it would be undoubtedly (for its quality and worldwide relevance) a good Tai like this one.

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Traditional pure sativa from Chiang Mai in the Golden Triangle of Thailand, recently reproduced in a deep research and preservation work with this ancient Tai line in several of its generations, identifying and rescuing expressions that encompass the best qualities and the most emblematic psychoactivities of the classic Tai sativas.

As an authentic pure tropical sativa, the flowering of this Tai variety of Chiang Mai is long (between 3-4 months) developing in successive reflowering, and showing a very high resistance to humidity and fungi of botrytis type. Its calyxes and trichomes become huge with the arrival of the final ripening. It is a variety that remains green even at low temperatures, being rare the individuals that show pigmentation during flowering.

We found in 10-15% of the population more compact, robust and productive plants, faster maturing (3 months approx), denser flowers and better adaptability to indoor growing, although the most interesting terpenes and effects are found in our opinion in plants with longer flowering (4 months) and more spiky flower structures.

Three main terpene profiles can be identified in this variety. The first and most classic Thai is fresh, lemony, woody and spicy. In the second group we find creamy sweets and more refined floral and musky perfumes. And finally a third group (between 5-10%) which stands out for its intense fruity aromas, unusual in Tai varieties.

The effects are very cerebral, without limits of tolerance and of very clean descent thanks to its essence of tropical sativa of quality and its chemotype of high content in THC and null in CBD. If searched in depth, this pure variety offers all the effects profiles found in the sativas of this beautiful country: from positive, friendly, pleasant and revitalizing effects (both physically and psychologically), to more euphoric and nervous effects, even psychedelic or more introspective.

Despite the (sometimes undeserved) bad reputation of the Tai cannabis family in terms of hermaphroditism, this well worked Tai variety that we offer you is sexually stable, being rare cases of problematic hermaphroditism.

We hope that this new work of preservation that we offer to the cannabis community will please our faithful followers (who have been asking us for a decade to offer again a good pure Tai), as well as the lovers of the traditional pure sativas and the most purist preservationists.

100% Sativa
Regular (non feminized)
Medium (10-15%)
Median: 10 - 12 weeks
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Outdoor Harvest
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