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Oaxaca A5 Haze Strain (Ace Seeds) Feminized Seeds
Oaxaca A5 Haze Strain (Ace Seeds) Feminized Seeds
Oaxaca A5 Haze Strain (Ace Seeds) Feminized Seeds
Oaxaca A5 Haze Strain (Ace Seeds) Feminized Seeds

Oaxaca A5 Haze by Ace Seeds

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Discover the enchanting Oaxaca A5 Haze by Ace Seeds, a sativa-dominant strain with a unique blend of uplifting effects and a complex, refreshing lemony aroma. Boasting a rapid flowering time and high resistance to pests, this strain is perfect for both novice and experienced growers seeking exceptional quality and yield.

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Oaxaca A5 Haze Strain Info

Dive into the heart of Mexico with the Oaxaca A5 Haze seeds, a vibrant tribute to the ancient Mexican sativas. This strain, a proud creation of Ace Seeds, is a masterful blend that captures the essence of the legendary Oaxaca '79 and the vigorous A5 Haze from Neville. Its roots delve deep into the rich, cultural soil of Mexico and Colombia, offering a psychedelic journey reminiscent of the 60s and 70s American sativa bliss.

The Oaxaca A5 Haze plant is a spectacle of nature, characterized by its manageable size and profuse lateral branching. This sativa-dominant beauty showcases an open and airy floral structure, ensuring optimal ventilation and boasting a formidable resistance against fungi and moisture. With its rapid flowering cycle and high yield potential, growers are in for a treat as they watch these plants flourish into productive colas as vibrant as the main cola itself.

Flowering Time

Patience pays off with the Oaxaca A5 Haze, as it wraps up its flowering stage in 11-12 weeks indoors. Outdoors, the wait extends until the end of October, but the reward is bountiful, high-quality yields that capture the essence of its storied lineage. This strain's adaptability to both indoor and outdoor environments, coupled with its moderate to high resistance against common pests and diseases, makes it a resilient choice for cultivators.


Prepare for an uplifting journey with the Oaxaca A5 Haze. Its effects are a cheerful burst of motivation and laughter, opening up social avenues and immersing you in a psychedelic state of joy for about 2-3 hours. The clean landing at the end of this experience is just as pleasant, leaving you relaxed and satisfied. With a THC content ranging from 14-18% and a low CBD level, this strain is perfect for those seeking a classic sativa kick without overwhelming intensity.

The aroma and flavor profile of the Oaxaca A5 Haze is a complex tapestry of lemony freshness, exotic incense, musky perfume, and floral notes, backed by a rich and complex terpene profile. This blend of scents and flavors is sure to transport you to the heart of Mexico's vibrant landscapes and traditions.

Cultivating the Oaxaca A5 Haze is a rewarding challenge suitable for growers with a bit of experience. It thrives in warm climates and gentle autumn conditions, responding well to SCROG, horizontal, or net growing methods due to its excellent lateral branch production. With moderate nutrient needs that increase through its lifecycle, this strain promises surprisingly high yields for those who nurture it correctly.

Whether you're a seasoned grower or a curious enthusiast, the Oaxaca A5 Haze seeds from Ace Seeds offer an unparalleled journey into the heart of sativa excellence. Don't miss the chance to explore the unique charms of this exceptional marijuana strain.

Cultivation Tips and Personal Insights

We've found that the Oaxaca A5 Haze truly shines with a bit of grower's intuition and care. A key tip we can share is to pay close attention to your plant's nutrient intake. Start with moderate levels, especially when they're young or just clones, and gradually increase to moderate-high as they transition through the growth stages. This approach ensures your plants develop to their full potential, rewarding you with impressive yields that far exceed expectations.

What captivates us most about the Oaxaca A5 Haze is its unmatched balance of a joyful, sociable high and a complex aroma profile. The way this strain can lift spirits with its cheerful, motivating effects, while immersing you in a symphony of lemon, incense, and floral notes, is nothing short of magical. It's a testament to the rich heritage of its Mexican and Colombian roots, and a strain we believe every cannabis connoisseur should experience.

Oaxaca A5 Haze Characteristics

  • Seed Type: Feminized
  • Sativa / Indica Ratio: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
  • THC Content: 14-18%
  • CBD Content: 0.29%
  • CBG Content: 0.58%
  • Flowering Time Indoor: 11-12 weeks
  • Harvest Time Outdoor: Late October
  • Yield: High
  • Resistance to Mites: Medium-High
  • Resistance to Mildew: High
  • Resistance to Botrytis: High
  • Resistance to White Fly: Medium-High
  • Resistance to Cold: Medium-High
  • Resistance to Heat: Medium-High
  • Optimal Latitude Range: 0º-43º
  • Genetics: Oaxaca 79 S1 #23 x A5 Haze de Neville (Northern Lights #5/HazeA)
  • Plant Structure: Medium-sized sativa with profuse, flexible lateral branching
  • Bouquet: Lime, lemon, musky floral perfume, incense, vanilla cream, wood, sometimes with sweet-spicy touches
  • Effect: High-quality American sativa psychoactivity, strong, intense, and long-lasting, varying from clean, euphoric, and hilarious to more psychedelic and profound experiences, with a relaxing body finish
  • Terpene Profile: Rich and complex, with high terpinolene, high limonene, followed by moderate beta-pinene and beta-myrcene, and small amounts of alpha-pinene and linalool. Sesquiterpenes include high beta-caryophyllene, moderate alpha-humulene, and small amounts of trans-ocimene and alpha-bisabolol
  • Cultivation Recommendations: Great adaptability for indoor cultivation. Suitable for SCROG, horizontal, or net setups due to excellent lateral branch production and vigorous response to pruning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oaxaca A5 Haze sativa or indica?

Oaxaca A5 Haze is predominantly sativa, with a sativa to indica ratio of 80% sativa and 20% indica. This genetic makeup contributes to its uplifting and energetic effects, typical of sativa strains, as opposed to the more relaxing and sedative effects commonly associated with indica strains. Sativas are known for their taller growth and thinner leaves, often producing a cerebral high that stimulates creativity and sociability. Indicas, on the other hand, tend to be shorter, bushier, and are sought after for their deeply relaxing body highs. Oaxaca A5 Haze embodies the best of sativa qualities, offering a joyful and motivating experience.

What is the flowering time of Oaxaca A5 Haze?

The flowering time of Oaxaca A5 Haze indoors is approximately 11-12 weeks, with outdoor harvests ready by the late October. This period allows the strain to fully develop its potent and complex profile, resulting in high-quality yields that reflect its exotic heritage.

What kind of effects can I expect from Oaxaca A5 Haze?

Oaxaca A5 Haze delivers an excellent sativa effect, characterized by a wave of joyful motivation and laughter. It's sociable, psychedelic, and jubilant, lasting about 2-3 hours, with a clean and satisfying finish. This strain is perfect for those looking to elevate their mood and engage in creative or social activities.

How resistant is Oaxaca A5 Haze to pests and diseases?

Oaxaca A5 Haze has a medium to high resistance against common cannabis pests and diseases, including mites, mildew, botrytis (bud rot), and white fly. Its open and airy floral structure also ensures good ventilation, making it less susceptible to mold and fungi, which is especially beneficial in humid climates.

Can Oaxaca A5 Haze be grown outdoors?

Yes, Oaxaca A5 Haze is highly adaptable and performs exceptionally well outdoors, especially in warm climates and areas with mild autumns. Its robust genetic heritage allows it to thrive in a wide range of outdoor conditions, making it a versatile choice for growers.

What are the optimal conditions for growing Oaxaca A5 Haze?

For the best results, Oaxaca A5 Haze should be grown in conditions that mimic its native environment. This means warm climates with ample sunlight are ideal. However, it has shown good resistance to both cold and heat, making it adaptable to less than perfect weather conditions. Moderate to high nutrient levels are recommended, especially as the plant matures and enters its flowering phase.

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