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Perzimmon (Compound Genetics) Feminized Seeds | On Sale!
Perzimmon (Compound Genetics) Feminized Seeds | On Sale!

Perzimmon by Compound Genetics

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Discover the tantalizing blend of new-school and old-school flavors with the Perzimmon strain by Compound Genetics. Marrying the delectable Zkittlez profile with legendary UK Cheese, Perzimmon is a sweet symphony of candy flavors, punctuated with notes of funky cheese and light citrus. Experience the heady THC percentage and see why this is the must-try strain of 2023.

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Characteristics of Perzimmon

The origins of Perzimmon trace back to the crossbreeding of Rainbow Cheddar with Gastro Pop. The resulting progeny boasts an enhanced Zkittlez profile, imbued with the skunk and savory backend from its Cheese lineage. Combined with hints from Grape Gas, Cheese, and undertones of tropical and stone fruits from Zkittlez and Apples + Bananas, this 2023 strain is both aromatic and deeply impactful.

Perzimmon, developed by Compound Genetics, is an intriguing fusion capturing the essence of both new and old-school genetics. This strain proudly presents a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, ensuring growers can anticipate their yield in a relatively short time. Indoors, you can expect an abundant yield ranging between 500 to 600 grams per square meter. Venture outdoors, and the plants generously offer up to a staggering 1500 grams per plant.

The morphology of Perzimmon is quite unique, displaying a potentially foxtailed structure combined with a medium stretch and an average plant build. This balance ensures that the plant neither grows too tall nor too short, fitting seamlessly into most growing environments.

Taste and aroma of Perzimmon

Upon delving into the sensory experience of Perzimmon, enthusiasts are first greeted with a delightful Sweet Z frontend. This sweetness, reminiscent of candied delights, slowly unfolds to reveal a slightly funky cheese undertone - a homage to its Rainbow Cheddar lineage. As you savor the taste further, a light citrus note playfully dances on the palate, enriching the overall flavor profile.

What sets Perzimmon apart is its intense candy terpene profile. This characteristic is enriched by the underlying funk from the Skunk lineage, making the overall flavor burst at level 11. It's a taste journey that begins with sweetness and ends in a rich savoury sensation.

Effects of Perzimmon

One of the standout features of the Perzimmon strain is its robust THC content, lying between 23-27%. This ensures that users are treated to a potent experience, making it ideal for both recreational and medicinal users looking for pronounced effects. While the high is intense, it's complemented by the flavor's complexity, ensuring users enjoy every facet of this strain.

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