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10 G'S (Compound Genetics) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off
10 G'S (Compound Genetics) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off

10 G'S by Compound Genetics

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Experience the power and allure of 10 G'S, a creation by Compound Genetics, renowned for its impeccable plant structure and high yields. A cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and Gastro Pop #5, this feminized seed strain boasts a THC percentage ranging between 27-30%. Its captivating aroma combines Gelato, Candy, and Floral notes, while its fast vegetative growth and superior bud structure make it a top pick for cannabis enthusiasts.

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Characteristics of 10 G'S

With a lineage boasting of Jet Fuel Gelato x Gastro Pop #5, the 10 G'S cannabis strain by Compound Genetics offers a unique intersection of vitality and vivacity in its growth and structural characteristics. Presenting cultivators with a meticulously refined plant structure, it prides itself in its swift vegetative phase and a moderate stretching phase, navigating towards an enthralling bloom of high yields and premium bud structure within a flowering window of 8-9 weeks.

Enveloping your cultivation space with its formidable presence, the 10 G'S doesn’t merely stop at providing prolific yields but also assures a visual spectacle. The plant effortlessly wraps itself in majestic purple hues, complimented beautifully with a hearty, thick resin layer, thereby promising not just a visual, but a holistic sensory feast. In an indoor setup, it manages to output between 450 to 550 g/m2, while outdoor ventures may witness a whopping yield of up to 1200g per plant come October.

Taste and aroma of 10 G'S

The aromatic presence of 10 G'S intertwines Gelato’s candy and floral notes with a bold undercurrent of gasoline, crafting a multi-layered olfactory experience that is both intoxicating and sophisticated. The strain doesn’t shy away from offering a multi-dimensional palette, ensuring that the combustible, kerosene-like backbone is seamlessly melded with the smoother, more refined notes of its Gelato parentage.

While the floral and fruity overtones dance lightly on the sensory periphery, the more robust, caramel-infused petrol echoes assure a lingering, enchanting aftertaste. Thus, 10 G'S doesn’t merely serve as a genetic powerhouse but also as a connoisseur’s delight, promising a rich and immersive tasting journey that extends well beyond the initial consumption experience.

Effects of 10 G'S

Boasting a robust THC concentration that fluctuates between 27-30%, 10 GS is not merely a visual and aromatic spectacle but also a force to be reckoned with in its psychoactive capabilities. This strain doesn’t merely stop at providing a deeply intense and enduring high but also accompanies it with a discernible muscular relaxation, providing a well-rounded consumption experience that is both invigorating and soothing.

The powerful high instigated by the strain is not merely a fleeting journey but one that embeds itself deeply, assuring a long-lasting, pervasive experience that melds both mental stimulation and physical tranquility. Thus, 10 G'S doesn’t merely serve as an exploration into the refined aromatic and taste profiles but also as a journey into a potent, well-rounded, and multi-faceted psychoactive expedition.

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