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Sundae Driver (Royal Queen Seeds)
Sundae Driver (Royal Queen Seeds)

Sundae Driver by Royal Queen Seeds

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Sundae Driver, a perfect 50/50 hybrid, offers a harmonious blend of sweet, fruity aromas and robust grape flavors with a euphoric, motivating high. Exceptional resin production and generous yields make it a top choice for discerning growers.

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Embark on a horticultural journey with the delectable Sundae Driver, a premium cannabis strain available for connoisseurs and cultivators alike. This balanced hybrid is a testament to the alchemy of breeding, having been meticulously crafted by Royal Queen Seeds through the union of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. Known to aficionados as Sunday Driver, this strain is a tour de force in the world of high-grade cannabis.

Sundae Driver: A Symphony of Flavors and Effects

Dive into a complex flavor profile with Sundae Driver. Its lineage gifts a sweet, fruity aroma akin to childhood cereals, while Grape Pie contributes a robust grape and berry scent with a twist of earthy vanilla. Such a rich terpene profile ensures a sensory delight. With a THC content hovering around 24%, Sundae Driver delivers a balanced, euphoric, and motivating experience. Ideal for morning use to spark creativity or evening sessions to help you unwind, this strain's effects cater to a broad palette of preferences.

Impeccable Growing Traits of Sundae Driver

Cultivators will appreciate Sundae Driver's versatile growth characteristics, making it suitable for various environments. It presents a hybrid vigor, growing with medium-sized internodes and an expanse of rich foliage. Inside, it reaches a manageable height of 90-140cm, while outdoor growth can see it stretch to 180cm in optimal conditions. This strain is a spectacle in the flowering stage, which lasts for 8–10 weeks, culminating in a bounty of dense, resinous buds. With potential indoor yields of up to 450g/m² and outdoor harvests reaching 500g per plant, Sundae Driver is as generous as it is delightful.

Detailed Sundae Driver Data Sheet

  • Strain Type: Feminized
  • THC: 23%
  • CBD: Low
  • Genetic Background: Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie
  • Type: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
  • Yield Indoor: 400 - 450g/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 450 - 500g/plant
  • Height Indoor: 90 – 140 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 130 - 170 cm
  • Flowering Time: 9 - 11 weeks
  • Harvest Month: Early October
  • Climate: Best suited for long summers
  • Effect: Balanced, Euphoric, Motivating
  • Flavor: Blueberry, Earthy, Fruity, Vanilla

Garnering rave reviews from satisfied growers, Sundae Driver is celebrated for its ease of growth and exceptional genetic quality. Descriptions such as "easy grow," "wonderful flavor and aroma," and "insane growth" frequent the forums, highlighting the strain's reliability and sensory appeal.

Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or an enthusiast eager to delve into the art of growing, Sundae Driver is a must-try. Its sensitivity to over and under-watering and nutrition demands a mindful approach, but the rewards are rich with high-quality flowers that stand out in both aroma and potency.

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