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Auto Pipi
Auto Pipi

Auto Pipi by Pyramid Seeds

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Similarly to what has been done with other Automatics developed by Pyramid Seeds, with Auto Pipi we have improved its productivity, its flavor and its level of growth compared to earlier generations. Auto Pipi has today stronger traits of a Sativa.   With a lemon flavor and acid touches, this plant is recommended to those who want automatic plants with lower narcotic effect.   Outdoors: To ensure optimum growth and production,20 literpots are recommended (as for all automatics).   Available from beginning of September 2011.   Type:   Ruderalis 30% / Sativa 30% / Indica 40%                    Yield:   30 - 100 gr. Indoor: 75 days                        Height:            40 -140 cm Outdoor:          February / October                  THC:  12 %


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