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Buy Somango 47 from Positronics Seeds - Oaseeds
Buy Somango 47 from Positronics Seeds - Oaseeds

Somango 47 (Positronics Seeds)

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"THE BEAST": the most productive and muscular of all times.
An avant-garde cross of last generation, which was massively tested years ago with excellent results, and which is already a classic variety, Somango # 47, called "The Beast" for being one of the most productive, powerful and demanded of the cannabis scene.

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Already from germination it surprises with a very compact development and the exhibition of its particular beauty. It shows an interesting complexity in the development of its branches. The plant acquires an oval or spherical shape reaching a large volume at an early stage. It is characterized by a short internodal distance, forming a super structure of strong stems that perfectly support the weight of the foliage and large flower clusters. The size and dark color of its leaves attract attention.
May require pruning of interior branches. Medium sensitivity to fungi. Outdoors it can reach a large size, a real "Beast".

Low (0 - 1%)
Somango X Critical ♯47
Mostly Indica
High (15-20%)
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