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Mayday Auto
Mayday Auto

Mayday Auto by Positronics Seeds

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   MayDay express is the result of crossing our fast and compact 80's Misty, with receptive females of Low Ryder#2.   PHYSIOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION :   Compact plant that reminisce of a little christmass tree. Short internodal distance with tiny leaf, will keep green and healthy easily. The final height and size vary depending on the time of sowing and the size of the pot, but willl hardly reach the meter. Great for the urban discrete growing.   ORGANOLEPTIC:   AROMA: Soft acidic smell with lemon and fruit notes, will sharpen in biological cultivations.   FLAVOUR: Sensetions of lemon and cinnamon with a soft flavour that will last.   EFFECT: Light with euphoric sensation. Recommended for non-heavy users or to combine smoking with other activities.     RECOMMENDS   INDOOR:  For an optimum development it's advised to give her 18 or 20 hours of light. A big pot, more than7 lis recommended. Using bigger pots will increase the crop. Will be ready for harvest in 65 or 70 days from seed. Amazing fast growing.   OUTDOOR. The best sowing time is in may, that's where her name comes from. Plants will be ready 2 months after. Height will be around 60 and120 cmin the best conditions. Will depend  on the light received, size of the pot and quantity and quality of the watering. If sow after may can also be satisfactory and increase the quality. Do not expose to cold.


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