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Critical 47
Critical 47

Critical 47 by Positronics Seeds

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Our champion.
Critical # 47 is an improvement in the development of Skunk varieties. Crossed between them we obtain that the old Skunk flavor is increased remarkably. The numerous prizes received since its release until today demonstrate its potential. 

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Plant of medium-high size with extremely sawed and thin leaves, of a green with a medium intensity, and moderate internodal distance. Generates a large number of cuttings due to its highly branched growth pattern. Pyramidal growth aspect. It will be from the third week of flowering when we can see its enormous production potential and its earliness, the earliest of our catalog, so it is advisable to extend the growing period to obtain the desired size. It does not require large amounts of fertilizer, but it will yellow quickly in cases of nutritional deficiencies (NPK). We recommend its cultivation in biological systems, so its aroma and flavor will be enhanced to unsuspected levels. It is also essential to use anti-odor systems, such as carbon filters.

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