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Kaya Gold
Kaya Gold

Kaya Gold by Nirvana Seeds

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Nirvana Kaya Gold is a feminized marijuana seed that has its origin in a careful selection of Skunks. It is a medium/large sized plant, with a certain Sativa dominance, which grows vigorously, blooms quickly and is easily grown.

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Produces generous harvests of thick, resinous buds

Kaya Gold is a variety of marijuana aimed at growers of all levels; it shows good resistance to moisture and pests and is perfectly suited to growing in harsh climates such as the hottest and driest.

The aroma and taste of Kaya Gold is rich and fruity, with citrus, spicy and pine wood notes. Its effect is powerful and at the same time balanced, it begins with a gentle brain stimulation and then becomes bodily and relaxing.


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