Feminized Cannabis Seeds

With your feminized cannabis seeds you will be sure that your plants will be female and you will get huge and delicious buds. Buy now at a very cheap price your feminized seeds and you will receive them at home with maximum discretion and seeds as a gift!

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Feminized marijuana seeds will result in more than 99.9% of the time in female marijuana plants. This means that they will always form buds when the reproduction or flowering phase arrives, which is what all growers want from their beloved plants.

This type of seeds arrived on the market in the 90's, putting an end to the problem that growers had about the high percentage of male marijuana plants growing in their crops.

With the advent of feminized marijuana seeds, the cannabis industry was revolutionized. Because more than 99.9% of the seeds produced female plants, growers began to save space, time and money on their crops.

When growers germinated their seeds before feminized genetics came out, they had to germinate at least twice as many regular seeds as they actually needed. In this way they ensured the production they needed, because depending on their luck, they could get a lot of male plants, thus greatly reducing the final harvest.

As you can imagine, this was a serious space problem, since you could not know the sex of the plant until the flowering phase began, and putting more than double the number of plants you really need is a considerable amount of space.

The time savings that feminized seeds allow us is also something to take into account, since by halving the number of plants we need to grow, we will save a lot of our precious time. As with time, having to buy half as many seeds will also save us money.

In short, feminized marijuana seeds are the ideal choice for growers who want to get their precious and huge buds full of cannabinoids in a safe, easy and hassle-free way.

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