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Frozen Cherry Runtz Strain (Growers Choice) - 30% THC & Fruity Flavor
Frozen Cherry Runtz Strain (Growers Choice) - 30% THC & Fruity Flavor
Frozen Cherry Runtz Strain (Growers Choice) - 30% THC & Fruity Flavor
Frozen Cherry Runtz Strain (Growers Choice) - 30% THC & Fruity Flavor
Frozen Cherry Runtz Strain (Growers Choice) - 30% THC & Fruity Flavor
Frozen Cherry Runtz Strain (Growers Choice) - 30% THC & Fruity Flavor

Frozen Cherry Runtz by Growers Choice

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Frozen Cherry Runtz by Growers Choice combines the fruity delight of Cherry with the potency of Runtz, resulting in a resin-packed, high-THC strain. With yields up to 750 grams per plant and a unique, tangy flavor, it's perfect for those seeking a memorable cannabis experience. Get your seeds now!

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Frozen Cherry Runtz strain of Growers Choice is an exciting blend of the popular Cherry strain and the renowned Runtz, itself a delightful cross between Zkittlez and Gelato. This harmonious combination results in one of the most fruity and tangy cannabis strains available in our extensive catalog. The "frozen" aspect highlights a unique phenotype of the Cherry strain, which boasts significantly higher THC levels than its counterparts.

This strain is a visual treat throughout its growth cycle, producing an impressive amount of resin that makes it visually stunning and highly enjoyable to smoke. Medium in height, Frozen Cherry Runtz plants showcase light green hues with subtle pink tints and vibrant orange hairs, adding to their overall appeal. Enthusiasts seeking fruity and tangy notes with a potent THC kick will find a memorable experience with this strain.

Flowering Time & Yield

Frozen Cherry Runtz completes its flowering cycle in about 9 weeks, making it a relatively fast-growing option for cultivators. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest around September, yielding between 600-750 grams per plant. Indoor cultivators can achieve yields of 650-750 grams per square meter, making it a highly productive strain regardless of the growing environment.

Effects and Aroma

With THC levels soaring above 30%, Frozen Cherry Runtz offers a powerful high that hits both the mind and body. The initial cerebral rush is euphoric and uplifting, followed by a relaxing body buzz that can ease tension and stress. The aroma and flavor profile of this strain are dominated by sweet, fruity, and tangy notes, reminiscent of cherries and candy, making each puff a delightful sensory experience.

Frozen Cherry Runtz is also highly resistant to mold, making it a robust choice for growers. It thrives in various climates but prefers warm, sunny conditions for optimal growth. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, this strain grows to a medium height indoors (90-120 cm) and can reach between 150-200 cm outdoors.

Though it offers impressive yields and robust growth, Frozen Cherry Runtz is best suited for cultivators with some experience due to its need for careful management to maximize resin production and flavor.

Growing Tips & Our Opinion

For those looking to get the best out of their Frozen Cherry Runtz seeds, we recommend maintaining a consistent light schedule and ensuring your plants receive ample nutrients throughout their growth cycle. Pruning and training techniques such as topping and LST (Low-Stress Training) can help manage its height and maximize yield. We particularly love the stunning resin production and the unique, tangy flavor profile that sets Frozen Cherry Runtz apart from other strains.


  • Seed Bank: Growers Choice
  • Type of Seed: Feminized
  • Genetics: Cherry x Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato)
  • Indica/Sativa Ratio: 70% Indica - 30% Sativa
  • THC Content: 30%+
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Height Indoor: 90-120 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 150-200 cm
  • Flowering Time: 9 weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: September
  • Yield Indoor: 650-750 grams/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 600-750 grams/plant
  • Mold Resistance: High
  • Suitable Climates: Warm and sunny


Is Frozen Cherry Runtz sativa or indica?

Frozen Cherry Runtz is predominantly an indica strain, with a genetic composition of 70% indica and 30% sativa. Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedative effects, often providing a body-high that helps with stress relief and pain management. In contrast, sativa strains are typically more energizing and cerebral, making them ideal for daytime use. Frozen Cherry Runtz combines the best of both worlds, offering a balanced high that relaxes the body while uplifting the mind.

What is the THC content of Frozen Cherry Runtz?

Frozen Cherry Runtz boasts an impressive THC content of over 30%, making it one of the more potent strains available. This high THC level contributes to its powerful effects, providing a strong, euphoric high that can be overwhelming for novice users.

How resistant is Frozen Cherry Runtz to mold?

Frozen Cherry Runtz has high resistance to mold, making it a reliable choice for growers concerned about humidity and mold-related issues. This robustness adds to its appeal, ensuring healthy growth and bountiful harvests under the right conditions.

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