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Auto Sunmango (Bulk Seed Bank) Autoflowering Seeds - Oaseeds
Auto Sunmango (Bulk Seed Bank) Autoflowering Seeds - Oaseeds

Auto Sunmango by Bulk Seed Bank

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Sunmango Automatic is the exotically fruity auto flowering version of our original photoperiod strain Sunmango.

  • 5 feminized
  • 10 feminized
  • 100 feminized
  • 500 feminized
  • 1000 feminized

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Developed from cup winning genetics, Sunmango Automatic is a connoisseur’s strain which still delivers big yields and a high THC content. The plant produces multiple bud sites on numerous branches and indoors can reach between 60-90cm. Outdoors the plant will stretch out more, reaching 90-120cm with increased yields reflecting its size The smoke and stone are the real highlights; a distinctly exotic mango flavour that autoflowering fanatics will rave about. The high offers an initial uplifting buzz that settles into a nice calming body stone. Sunmango Automatic is a real must for the collector looking for a connoisseur strain in just 70 days from seed.


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