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Auto Chronical (Bulk Seed Bank) Autoflowering Seeds
Auto Chronical (Bulk Seed Bank) Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Chronical by Bulk Seed Bank

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For our Auto Chronical is crossed with two wonderful strains. The legendary super heavy-yielder Chronic and a Loveryder.

  • 5 feminized
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  • 100 feminized
  • 500 feminized
  • 1000 feminized

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 A hybrid that has been infused with superior Santa Maria genetics by it's original breeder, a variety from Brazil known for copious resin production..The result of this interesting mix is a stable autofeminized Chronic version, a bushy plant with prolific budding. The intoxicating smell was improved due to the influence of Loveryder and the yields stayed pretty much the same as with the original Chronic - jaw-dropping and staggering.


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