Auto White Widow
Auto White Widow
Auto White Widow
Auto White Widow

Auto White Widow by Biological Seeds

22.00 €

Geneticists of Biological Seeds were able to select a variety of White Widow which easily adapts to any type of cultivation, producing a robust plant and strong inclined to forgive the mistakes of the first-time growers.

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White Widow Auto Biological Seeds stands very well onslaught of mold and mildew, develops a limited number of leaves usually broad, dark green, and focuses its energy in the production of a large central bud that, if helped by the pruning of the branches lower, can become really huge.


The peaks of the White Widow Auto Biological Seeds have a more distinctly shape of Indica variety, although it is a hybrid variety, it offers to those who relishes it a citrus aroma with hints of bittersweet very pleasant and gives an effect of total relaxation.

This plant is a big producer although automatic, suitable for those looking for a bountiful harvest with few problems of cultivation.

​Height:  50-60 cm

Aroma: Fresh and fruity

Effect: Reduce anxiety, stress and sleep disorders

Harvesting: 80 days from seed

Yeld: 30/50 gr/plant

Genetic: Indica 75%

THC: 18%


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